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Freak the Mighty Chapter Questions

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

1) What is the point of view of the story (who is narrating)?

How might this affect the way the story is told?

2) Why is Max given the nickname of Kicker while in day care?

What are your thoughts on the reason for Max’s behavior?

3) What opinion do you think Max has of himself as the story begins? Why do you think this?

4) Whom does Max live with? Why?

5) Analyze this quote, “Except later it was Freak himself who taught me that remembering is a great invention of the mind, and if you try hard enough you can remember anything, whether it happened or not.” (2) What does this mean? Why is it important?

6) Describe your first impression of Freak:

7) What is the “down under”? Why does Max like it there?

8) What is “ageism”?

How is Max a “victim” of ageism?

9) What kind of neighborhood does Max live in? How can you tell?

10) What is Max’s impression of Kevin after their first encounter in front of the duplex? Why does he think this? How is it ironic (opposite of what you’d expect)?

Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

1) Describe Max’s internal conflict on p.10-11.

2) Why does Max go over to Kevin’s backyard?

3) Why does Kevin call his mother “Fair Gwen of Air”? What does this say about Kevin’s feelings toward his mother?

4) Why is Kevin so interested in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? What does this say about Kevin?

5) Analyze the quote: “Books are like truth syrum – if you don’t read, you can’t figure out what’s real” (19)

6) What is Max thinking as Gwen takes Kevin home? Why is this important?

Chapter 5 and Chapter 6

1) What is Max’s time out?

2) Why does Gram come to Max’s room?

3) Max says about Kevin, “He’s not a poor boy…You should hear him talk. I think the rest of him is so small because his brain is so big” (24) What does this reveal about Max’s thoughts and feelings about Kevin?

4) What is it about Max that startles Gwen when she first sees him?

5) Why does Max feel that everyone thinks it’s a big deal the he looks like his father?

6) Why is Max crying at the end of Chapter 5?

7) What is the significance of Max getting to see the fireworks without supervision on the 4th of July?

8) Describe the conflict that occurs on the way to the millpond.

9) Why does Kevin mouth off to Tony D.?

10) Why does Max put Kevin on his shoulders? What is the effect of this action?

Chapter 7 and Chapter 8

1) What do the boys have to do to get away from their pursuers? What are each of their roles in this escape?

2) Explain the significance of Max’s following quote, “I’m running right and then left, running blind and just letting Freak decide which way we should go because he must have a plan, a dude as smart as that” (36).

3) How do Max and Kevin get out of the pond?

4) When asked for their names, what does Kevin reply? Why does he reply this way?

5) How do Grim and Gram initially react to Max’s adventure? Why do they react differently later? What can you infer about Grim and Gram’s opinion of Max & how it changes?

6) How does Kevin change Max’s summer routine? Why is this important?

Chapter 9 and Chapter 10

1) Chapter title: “Life is Dangerous” What is so dangerous?

2) What is the destination of Freak the Mighty in Chapter 9?

3) Does Max believe Kevin’s secret about his medical future? Do you? Why/why not?

4) How is the chapter title appropriate considering the latest “quest” Max and Kevin go on?

5) What does the word “grim” mean? What can you infer about the way Max feels about Grim based on the definition?

6) What is the purpose of the next late night quest for Freak the Mighty?

7) Why don’t the boys have to hunt?

8) In what way is this quest different from others? Be specific.

9) What does Freak the Mighty retrieve from the storm drain? How does this connect to Kevin’s love of the legend of King Arthur?

10) Quote Analysis: “The real deal is that she’s a damsel who causes distress.” p. 62 What might this foreshadow?

Chapter 11 and Chapter 12

1) Why doesn’t Gram want Max in the New Testaments? Describe the place.

2) What do Kevin and Max each gain by being Freak the Mighty?

3) What is your first impression of Loretta? What details from the story gave you this impression?

4) Who does Freak the Mighty meet when returning purse?

5) Why is Freak the Mighty allowed to leave the Lee’s apartment without being harmed?

6) How is Freak the Mighty physically assaulted? How are they verbally assaulted? What is your reaction to this? Which is worse in your opinion?

7) Quote Analysis: “Good riddance to bad rubbish.” p. 73 How does Kevin feel about his father missing from his life?

8) Why doesn’t Max like “back to school” time? Be specific.

9) Why is Max allowed to be in the same classes with Kevin?

10) How does Kevin restore order in English class on the first day of school?

Chapter 13 and Chapter 14

1) By October, how are things going at school for Kevin and Max? Be specific.

2) Why is answering questions in English class difficult for Max? Why, then, is writing also difficult?

3) What happens first on Friday the 13th in October in Mrs. Addison’s office? How does Max react?

4) Why does Max think he must have hit Mrs. Addison?

5) What happens in the cafeteria at lunch on the 13th?

6) On p. 87 Mrs. Addison says, “You’re going to be okay, Maxwell Kane. I’m sure of it now.” What makes her so sure now?

7) Quote Analysis: “Shh! The Fair Gwen must not know of the plan. The very idea strikes fear into her heart.” p. 88 What “idea” is Kevin speaking of? What is your reaction to Kevin’s mother not being aware of this plan?

8) Describe the conflict between Grim & Gram. Whose side is Max on? Whose side are you on? Why?

9) What does Max promise Grim? Why is this important?

Chapter 15 and Chapter 16

1) Describe the mood during the Christmas scene in the opening pages of Ch. 15.

2) Quote Analysis: “I’m telling tales, my dear, not lies. Lies are mean things, and tales are meant to entertain.” –Grim p. 95 What does Grim mean? Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

3) What gift has Kevin made for Max? What does this tell you about Kevin and Max?

4) What happens during the night while Grim, Gram and Max are sleeping? Why is this important? Make a prediction.

5) What is a “chip off the old block” (100)?

6) Why doesn’t Max yell for Grim or Gram (101)?

7) Is Max surprised to see his father? Why?

8) Quote Analysis: “They’re all just make-believe, this dream I was having for a long time, and now I’m awake again and he’s filling the room somehow, even though we’re outside.” p.102 Who are “they”? Why are “they” compared to a dream?

9) Why do they return to the New Testaments?

10) Do you think Killer Kane did or did not murder someone? Explain.

Chapter 17 and Chapter 18

1) Where do Max and his father stay on Christmas Eve?

2) How is Max treated by his father? Why do you think his father treats him this way?

3) What does Killer Kane wake Max to say before daybreak? Do you believe what he tells Max? Do you think Max believes him? Explain.

4) What are Killer Kane’s plans for the future? Why do you suppose Killer Kane plans this way?

5) When Iggy comes the apartment, what does he report to Killer Kane?

6) Quote Analysis: “Every now and then he [Iggy] sneaks a look at me like he’s trying to tell me something with his eyes, but I can’t figure out what.” P.121 What do you think Iggy is trying to say? Explain your answer.

7) What does Killer Kane need from Iggy?

Chapter 19 and Chapter 20

1) Describe the simile Kenny Kane uses on p.127. What are his feelings toward police?

2) Why do Max and his father leave the apartment?

3) Why do you think Killer Kane makes Max go in front of him down the stairs?

4) Does Killer Kane trust Max? Why/why not?

5) Who comes downstairs to help Max? Why?

6) Is Loretta a good or bad person? Explain your answer.

7) If Max knows Killer Kane can’t be beat, why does he even try fighting him?

8) What causes Killer Kane do to shift his attention from Loretta to Max?

9) How does Kevin come to Max’s rescue? Explain thoroughly.

Chapter 21 and Chapter 22

1) What is the extent of Loretta’s injury?

2) What is Max’s opinion of Iggy at this time? Why does Max think this way about Iggy?

3) How is school different for Freak the Mighty after Christmas vacation?

4) Does Max have to testify in court? Why or why not?

5) What does Grim call Killer Kane? What does he mean by this?

6) Why does “growing up” worry Max?

7) How does Kevin define remembering? Why does he define it this way?

8) Whose birthday(s) is it?

9) How can you tell that Kevin’s health is worsening? Be specific.

10) What happens while Kevin is showing Grim how to play 3-D chess?

Chapter 23, Chapter 24 and Chapter 25

1) Is Max allowed to see Kevin? Why or why not?

2) Quote Analysis: “I’m not coming home, not in my present manifestation.” P.149 What does Kevin mean when he tells Max this?

3) What does Kevin want Max to do with the book of blank pages? What does this tell us about Kevin?

4) Why does Max’s visit with Kevin end?

5) Why do Grim & Gram say “Poor Gwen” when it is Kevin who is suffering? P. 152 Explain your understanding.

6) How is suspense built in the beginning of Chapter 24?

7) How does Max know what ultimately happened to Kevin?

8) Quote Analysis: “I keep going, running around in circles like an accident of nature until finally there are so many of them on me, I can’t stand up anymore” p.155 Why is this simile an important comparison to Max? What is he suggesting?

9) Why did Kevin lie about being a bionic boy?

10) Max says about Kevin, “his heart just got too big for his body” (157). Does he mean this literally or figuratively? Explain your response.

11) Quote Analysis: Loretta tells Max, “Nothing is a drag, kid.” (160) What does she mean? Do you agree/disagree? Explain.

12) Why does Max finally start to write the story of Freak the Mighty?

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