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By Sharon Fabian - edHelper-5th grade reading worksheets pdf

Name: edHelper
Poppy's Shopping Spree
By Brenda B. Covert
Poppy had never had so much money! While the next-door
neighbors were away on a trip, she had taken care of their dog,
Smoochie. She had earned $10 a day by feeding and walking the dog,
for a total of $70. She was saving some of her earnings, and she was
giving a small amount to a children's shelter. That still left some to
spend. Her big sister, Phoebe, had offered to take her on a shopping
First they had gone to a music store. Poppy wanted to buy a CD, but
she took a long time deciding between two of her favorite artists. She
finally chose one because it was cheaper. While she was choosing
music, Phoebe was picking out a new CD by listening to sample music
with headphones. Poppy paid for her CD and then had to wait for
"Come on!" Poppy urged her exasperating sister. "Decide already, so we can go!"
Phoebe made a face, but she at least she removed the headphones and took her choice to the counter. Poppy
fidgeted by the door, anxious to head to their next stop.
When Phoebe caught up with her she said, "Don't be such a pain in the you-know-what."
"Don't be one yourself," Poppy retorted.
Their next stop was at a jewelry boutique. Poppy wanted to get a new pair of earrings. After admiring the
animal ones, she chose a pair of small, dangling silver horses. She glanced around for Phoebe and saw her in front
of the necklace display. Phoebe bought two necklaces for herself. It was beginning to look like this was a
shopping spree for Phoebe instead of Poppy.
The sports store was next on Poppy's list. Since her mother wouldn't agree to buy her a new pair of shin guards
for soccer, Poppy decided to get them herself. She liked the ones that were built into the socks. Her friend, Caitlin,
wore that kind. Now they would be twins!
Phoebe was nowhere in sight. Finally Poppy found her browsing in the clothing section. "Hey, which running
suit do you like better?" she asked Poppy. "The pink or the blue?"
Poppy sighed. "Blue." If Phoebe wanted to compete with her over who could spend the most money today,
Phoebe could go ahead and claim victory. Poppy wasn't playing.
After they made their purchases and settled into Phoebe's car, they headed for home. Up ahead loomed the
bright sign of a popular ice cream parlor.
"Hey! Pull into the ice cream place!" Poppy exclaimed.
"I thought we were going home," Phoebe replied, but she pulled into the parking lot and parked near the door.
"I've still got some money left," Poppy told her. "I'm going to get myself something I've never had before."
"Great," Phoebe answered unenthusiastically. She followed Poppy into the brightly lit shop.
The big menu board listed a plethora of tantalizing treats. Poppy's hungry eyes studied all the different pictures
and the prices. Her parents always thought she should be happy with a simple ice cream cone. They had never let
her order anything else. Excitement built up in her. There was so much from which to choose!
"I think I'll have a parfait," she finally decided, but when the server asked which kind, she was stumped. Both
Name: edHelper
the strawberry and the chocolate parfaits were in tall vase-like dishes. Poppy eyed the layers of ice cream, fruit,
and whipped cream in the strawberry parfait, and the ice cream, chocolate syrup, and peanuts in the chocolate
"Which should I choose?" she turned to ask Phoebe.
"What do I care?" Phoebe replied dourly. "I can't afford one. I don't even have enough money left for a plain
For a moment Poppy stood looking at her sister. Then, her mind made up, she turned back to the server and
said, "I'd like one of each, please."
She looked over her shoulder to see Phoebe's reaction. It was priceless. After Phoebe picked her jaw up off the
floor she sputtered, "You can't eat all that!"
With a grin, Poppy said, "I know. You'll have to help me eat them. That way I can find out what both kinds
taste like!" Then she turned to pay the server and wait for the parfaits.
Soon the girls were seated with the yummy-looking parfaits and two long-handled spoons. Phoebe forgot her
manners as she quickly took a huge spoonful of chocolaty goodness and transferred it to her mouth. She smiled
and then noticed that Poppy was watching her.
"Oh, thank you for sharing your ice cream with me," she said. "I can't believe you did it!"
"Yeah," Poppy replied mischievously, "I can't believe I did it, either. But how could I enjoy my ice cream if
you were pouting the whole time about not getting any?" She dodged the playful punch from Phoebe. They both
laughed and then dove into those flavorful, creamy, sweet desserts.
Poppy's Shopping Spree
1. Poppy dodged the playful punch from Phoebe. This sentence is an example of ______. (Choose the best
A. alliteration
B. hyperbole
C. foreshadowing
D. onomatopoeia
2. What kind of jewelry did Poppy buy?
A. animal print hoops
B. seashell earrings
C. dangling horse earrings
D. two necklaces
3. In what order were the purchases made?
A. sports equipment, music, jewelry, ice cream
B. jewelry, music, sports equipment, ice cream
C. music, jewelry, sports equipment, ice cream
D. music, sports equipment, jewelry, ice cream
Name: edHelper
4. In paragraph 19, Phoebe responded dourly to something Poppy had said. What is a good synonym for
A. kindly
B. softly
C. sternly
D. sarcastically
5. When Poppy wanted to get ice cream, why was Phoebe unenthusiastic?
6. Which sister do you assume spent the most money on the shopping spree?
7. Why do you think Poppy's parents always ordered an ice cream cone for her?
8. From the context clues, what do you think the word plethora means in paragraph 16?

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