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507th in Normandy and Varsity The Complete Jump Rosters - 82nd airborne ww2 roster

507th in Normandy and Varsity The Complete Jump Rosters-82nd airborne ww2 roster

This is a reading list as it were of Books and DVDs that pertain to the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment. A
brief synopsis and photo of the work is provided below as well as how to order copies if they are still available.
507th in Normandy and Varsity The Complete Jump Rosters
This book researched and edited by Brian Siddall contains the complete jump rosters for
the 507th's jump into Normandy and Germany. The 156 total rosters also includes the aircrew
who flew them and the bundles for each stick. Also included is a provisional roster for the 507th
in the Bulge. The back of the book contains a complete index for every name and what page
they are listed. This Book is available from EQS Press at 607-275-8080 or on the web at
507th Parachute Infantry Regiment 1942-1945
This book by Dominique Francois was one of the first Books published about
the 507th PIR. This title covers the 507th from Alliance all the way through Germany.
Included are many first hand accounts from the Veterans of the Regiment, from Chris Heisler
to Clarence Hughart. This Book is chock full of photos. This contains 110 pages of words and
photos and is available from Heimdal Press and can be found on Amazon.com
The 507th Parachute Infantry's 1943 Yearbook
507th Yearbook issued in 1943 in Alliance Nebraska. This almost 200 page book is
long out of print. They now sell for upwards of $300.00 at auction. This has been
completely transferred to CD so it now can be viewed on any computer and is completely
searchable by name. Also included on this disc is a complete index to all 1800 plus names
mentioned in the yearbook. This index is available nowhere else. This title is available from
EQS Press at 607-275-8080 or on the web at www.airborneinnormandy.com
82nd Airborne Roll of Honor for WWII
This book is put out by the Bevrijdingsmuseum 1944 in Grosbeek Netherlands.
This lists all the 82nd AB deaths in World War II. This project was headed by Father Gerard
Thuring. Jan Bos, Marco Cillessen and Gerrie Franken prepared the information for this
valuable research tool into the 82nd. This Book is 176 pages of history and the complete Roll of
Honor for the 82nd including the 507th in Normandy. This title can be ordered directly from the
Liberation Museum via e-mail at infobevrijdingsmuseum@hetnet.nl
A Jump Into Hell
This 120 page account by Robert M. Phillips of H/507 covers his life before the war
and his time in Normandy and all the way through liberation of his POW camp. Included are
photos and copies of letters home. The main part of this book deals with his time amongst the
hedgerows and his time in POW camp. This title is still available from Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Phillips in California.
Boots and Wings the Complete Collection
This book contains all 21 issues of the 507th's Regimental Newspaper Boots and
Wings. This paper had issues from Ft. Benning through Alliance and 3 issues that came out
after the War in Germany. This book is 245 pages long with every conceivable bit of 507th
related information the mind can imagine. From nighttime activities in Alliance to Sports
coverage in Germany and everything in between this was part news, part gossip rag! As an
added bonus there is an index in the back 1948 names of all the men listed in these historic
pages as well as what page they appear on. This title is available from EQS Press at 607-275-
8080 or on the web at www.airborneinnormandy.com
D-Day: Down to Earth Return of the 507th DVD
This is the DVD issued for the 60th anniversary of the 507th PIR in Normandy. This first
aired June 2, 2004 on PBS. This covers the return of many of the surviving Veterans to
Normandy in 2002. Over a dozen 507th Vets are interviewed on this DVD as well as a history of
the unit in Normandy. This title is available at www.507th.com
Destination Normandy
This book by G.H. Bennett follows three regiments from training in the States to their
participation in the Normandy campaign. The three regiments are the 22nd from the 4th ID, the
116th from the 29th ID and the 507th from the 82nd AB. This books covers some of the lesser
know problems preceding D-Day that the units experienced in the UK. For the 507th Graignes
is covered here as well as after the battle stats. This title can be purchased at Amazon.com
Down to Earth The 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment in Normandy
This Book by Martin Morgan of the National D-Day museum covers the 507th from Ft.
Benning to the Normandy Campaign. This title is loaded with photos of the 507th and
Normandy in the present day. This book is 304 pages of pure 507th. This Schiffer Military
History Book can be purchased at Amazon.com.
I'm "Fred" The Fred Peschl Story
This is a personal account of Colonel Millet's personal Driver Fred Peschl. This covers his
entire time in the 507th PIR. This title was written by Gary Goreham as it was told to him by Fred.
This title was published in 1999 and we can't say for sure whether any copies are still available. If
you can find this, it makes for an interesting read.
In Their Own Words
This book was put together and edited by Walter "Chris" Heisler of F/507. This Book
contains over 180 pages of stories sent in by other 507th Veteran's to Chris for this project.
The stories are by men Like Irving Pine MD, Bob Bearden, Roy Creek, Paul Smith, Howard
Huebner, Barney Hopkins, Col. George Millet and many more. Some of the accounts in this
book are riveting with stories of capture, escape and brushes with death. Copies are still
available from Chris as of this writing.
PFC Longacre, Reporting
This 80 page book was written by Esther Dockter Wegenast as she related stories told
to her by H Company medic Merriel Longacre. From training in Alliance to his near fatal
wounds in the Bulge this book covers Pfc. Longacre's experience in the 507th. There are
man photos contained in the work as well. This title is available from his family and they
can be reached at 308-384-4178 in Nebraska.
To D-Day and Back
This book is the newest in 507th titles. Written by Robert Bearden, and coming out
the first week of September for the Reunion at Ft. Benning. This covers Bob's time as a
Mortar Sgt. in H Company of the 507th from Alliance, to his jump into Normandy and his
time spent as a POW. This title will be available at www.boblbearden.com

Are there female soldiers in the 82nd Airborne?Of course. 1st Lt. Bennis M. Blue was the first female paratrooper to be assigned to the 82nd Airborne in 1978. Here is an all female airborne operaton: