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STEP ACTION OUTLINE A guide to aid an alcoholic in … - aa prayers for each step

STEP ACTION OUTLINE A guide to aid an alcoholic in …-aa prayers for each step

A guide to aid an alcoholic in taking and using the steps of AA to recover
from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body
Revised: September 2018
Alcoholics Anonymous - 4th Edition (The Big Book)
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12 & 12)
Notebook, pencil/pen
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1. _____ Opening Session: Read Appendix II, Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 567.
Step One - We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had
become unmanageable.
(Pages 1-43)
2. _____ Read the Preface and the Forwards to each edition. (pp. xi - xxiv)
and Twelve and Twelve, p. 24.
3. _____ Read "The Doctor's Opinion" pp. xxv - xxxii and Appendix III p. 569
a. Look up and write down in your notebook the definitions of
the words "alcoholism." "allergy," "chronic," "craving," "disease,"
"obsession," "powerless," "psychic" "recovered" "manage" and
b. Write down all the ways you were and/or continue to be
powerless over alcohol.
c. List your reactions to "The Doctor's Opinion."
4. _____ Chapter 1 - Read "Bill's Story" - pp. 1 - 16 and Dr. Bob's Nightmare
(p. 171).
a. Write your first step inventory
i. List all the ways you attempted and failed to control your
ii. Make a list of the names of all persons who said they were
concerned with your drinking problem.
b. Bill says his new way of living is "simple, but not easy." What price
had to be paid? (p. 14)
c. Write down in what specific ways you can identify with our co-
founders: such as: "Did I ever drink, think or feel like Bill and Bob?"
5. Chapter 2 - Read "There is a Solution" - pp. 17 -23
Read Story 1 (p. 182) in "Pioneers of AA."
a. Write down what differentiates a "moderate" drinker or "hard"
drinker from a "real" alcoholic. Which one are you?
b. Bill says that "Our very lives as ex-problem drinkers depend upon
the constant thought of others and how we may help meet their
needs. (p.20). What does this mean to you?
c. At this point in your recovery, what does the statement: "the main
problem of the alcoholic centers in his mind rather than in his
body"? (p.23) mean to you?
6. _____ Finish reading "There is a Solution" - pp. 24 - 29
Read Story 2 (p. 193) in "Pioneers of AA."
a. Look up the definition of "phenomena."
b. Write down the difference between an "answer" and a "solution."
c. What are the solution(s) to the drink problem as recommended in
Chapter Two?
d. Why are the stories in the Big Book important to our recovery?
7. _____ Chapter 3 - Read "More About Alcoholism" - pp. 30 - 39, Read Story
3 (p.200) in Pioneers of AA.
a. What are the two ways a person can diagnose himself/herself as
an alcoholic? (pp. 31 & 34).
b. Write down specifically the ways you identify with a man of 30
(p.32), Jim, the car salesman (p.35), and the Jaywalker (p.37).
8. _____ Finish reading "More About Alcoholism" - pp. 39 - 43. Read Story 4
(p. 208) in "Pioneers of AA."
a. The last alcoholic in the chapter is Fred the Accountant, (p.39),
write down the ways you identify with Fred.
b. Write down the time/occasion when you first knew that you
couldn't stop drinking on the basis of self-knowledge alone? (p.
c. Are you prepared to throw "several lifelong conceptions out of the
window?" (p. 42). Write down what they are.
d. If "the alcoholic at certain times has no effective mental defense
against the first drink.", (p.43), where must the defense come
from? (p.43)
e. Based on your work thus far, write down your thoughts about
whether or not you have conceded to your innermost self that you
are an alcoholic (page 30). If "yes," you have diagnosed yourself

What is the second step in AA?You will end your old life and begin your fresh one, committed to faith – faith in whatever you choose. The second step is about keeping an open mind. As the prior step was about letting go of pride, this step is about letting go of preconceived notions about what AA is and how it works, and making room for change.