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Acura Care Maintenance
Acura Care Maintenance includes these
factory-recommended services*:
? Oil and filter
? Tire rotation
? Air intake filter
? Cabin air filter
? Automatic transmission fluid
? Transfer case fluid
? Rear differential fluid
? Brake fluid
?Multi-point inspection:
- Front and rear brakes
- Parking brake adjustment
- Tie rod ends
- Steering gear box and boots
- Suspension components
- Drive shaft boots
- Brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VS)
- All fluid levels and condition of fluids
- Exhaust system
- Fuel lines and connections
- Drive belts
Features and Benefits:
?Coverage available on vehicles with less than
12 months/12,000 miles from date of initial vehicle
purchase or lease
?Can be purchased along with other Acura Care Vehicle
Service Contracts
?Can be paid for with interest-free payments**
?Can be added to your monthly vehicle payment when you
finance with Acura Financial Services
?Prepaid maintenance coverage correlates to your vehicle's
Maintenance MinderTM Indicator, regardless of driving
conditions, regardless of frequency
?Helps protect you from inflation should labor and parts
costs rise
?Helps you keep your Acura in top condition, which helps
maintain performance and resale value
?Your vehicle is serviced by technicians specifically trained
to work on Acura vehicles
?If you sell your vehicle, coverage is transferable
? Backed by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
* O nly offered at participating dealerships. Additional services may be recommended by your dealer;
these services may not be covered.
Excludes replacement of spark plugs, timing belt and engine coolant, and water pump inspection.
** Interest-free payment plan provided by Service Payment Plan, Inc.
Coverage for a Maintenance plan begins on the purchase date and at the mileage on the odometer
on that date. The coverage term is calculated from the in-service date and at zero (0) miles and
expires when the terms of your contract are reached. This document is intended to provide an
overview of coverages and benefits. Actual coverages, limitations, and exclusions may vary. See
your Maintenance Contract for complete details.
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Acura Care Maintenance
Responses to Common Client Questions
This sheet gives you fast and easy answers to common client questions and
concerns about Acura Care? MaintenanceTM. Use this sheet to explain the benefits
and protection Acura Care Maintenance offers.
Q:W hat is Acura Care Maintenance?
A.A cura Care Maintenance enables you to prepay for factory-recommended
services.* Offered exclusively to Acura clients, this plan is designed to help you
keep your vehicle in top condition while protecting you from inflation should
labor and parts costs rise. Acura Care Maintenance comes in a variety of
terms so you can pick the coverage that's right for you.
Q:H ow does the plan work?
A.Acura Care Maintenance coverage correlates to your vehicle's Maintenance
MinderTM Indicator. When the indicator comes on, the recommended services*
are covered, regardless of whether you drive 6,000 or 60,000 miles a year.
Q:I'm leasing a vehicle. Can I still purchase Acura Care Maintenance?
A.Yes. You can add Acura Care Maintenance to any new vehicle that has less than
12 months/12,000 miles, whether you lease, finance or pay cash.
Q:D o I have to go to my original dealer for service?
A.No, any participating Acura dealer can perform the recommended services* on
your vehicle. This helps to ensure your vehicle will be serviced by factory-trained
technicians who know your vehicle's technology.
Q: I can't afford Acura Care Maintenance.
A.You can finance Acura Care Maintenance with an affordable interest-free
payment plan.** Your monthly payments can be automatically deducted from
the checking account or credit card of your choice, which can earn you
points if you belong to a rewards program.
Q:Is Acura Care Maintenance different from the manufacturer's warranty that comes
with my vehicle?
A.Yes. Acura Care Maintenance provides completely different coverage; maintenance
items are not covered under your manufacturer's warranty.
Q:C an I buy an Acura Care Maintenance plan with an Acura Care Vehicle Service
Contract (VSC)?
A.Yes. In fact, when you combine Acura Care Maintenance with a VSC, you can
have peace of mind knowing you are covered for both recommended services*
and unexpected and costly repair bills.
Q:W hat if my vehicle needs repairs not indicated by the Maintenance Minder
Indicator? Will Acura Care Maintenance cover those as well?
A.Acura Care Maintenance only covers the factory-recommended services* specified
by your owner's manual when the Maintenance Minder Indicator comes on.
Q: What happens when I sell my car?
A.Acura Care coverage is transferable, which can add to the resale value of your car
if you decide to sell it.
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