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2014 1040
This Checklist is designed to help you collect and report the information needed to prepare your
2014 income tax return.
You'll note the Miscellaneous Questions worksheet includes a variety of questions that are
designed to assist you in completing your tax return. If you answer Yes to any of these
questions, be sure to provide the applicable details.
Copy of your 2013 tax return (for 1st year clients).
Original Form(s) W-2.
Forms W-2G for gambling winnings.
Schedule(s) K-1 showing income or loss from partnerships, S corporations or
estates or trusts.
Form(s) 1099 or statements reporting dividend, interest, retirement, Social Security,
state and/or local refunds, gambling winnings or miscellaneous income.
Brokerage statements showing investment transactions for stocks, bonds, etc.
(Form 1099-B).
Form(s) 1098, for mortgage or student loan interest or tuition paid. (include any
Forms 1099-C).
Form(s) 1095-A for the advance payment of the premium tax credit for lower cost
health care coverage under healthcare.gov.
Total amount paid for property taxes, including license tabs on vehicles.
Total amount of medical expenses (including premiums paid) during 2014. (We
don't need to see all of the receipts.)
The dollar amount of cash and non-cash contributions made during the year.
Copies of closing statements regarding the sale or purchase of real property.
List of all income tax estimates paid and dates.
This Checklist should make your task easier. It will also help us in the preparation of
your tax return by focusing attention on your special needs. Thank you for your
Yes No
1. E-Mail address: o o
Please provide your email address. It improves our service by
eliminating phone tag when we have questions or need additional
2. Will the address on your 2014 Federal return be different from the one shown
on your 2013 return? o o
If Yes, enter the new address:
City State Zip
Phone Cell Phone:
3. Did your marital status change during 2014? o o
4. Did you pay (or receive) alimony during the tax year? o o
If Yes, to SSN Amount
5. Were there any changes in dependents from the prior year? o o
If Yes, please include name, social security number & date of birth.
S.S. # Date of Birth
6. Did you provide over half the support for any other person in 2014? o o
7. Do you have dependents who must file? o o
If so, do you want us to prepare their returns? o o
8. Are you being claimed as a dependent by another person? o o
9. Do you have any children under age 19 or a full-time student under age 24
with unearned income greater than $2,000? o o
10. Are you paying child care (nursery school, babysitting, and household help) o o
for your dependent children age 12 or under or a handicapped person in order
for you to be gainfully employed, attend school, or look for a job?
If Yes, how much did you pay in 2014? Number of children?
IRS requires: Name
Child care provider ID #
11. Did you pay any expenses related to the adoption of a child in 2014? o o
How much? ____________________
Yes No
12. If you are separated or divorced with child(ren), do you have a separation o o
agreement or divorce decree that establishes custodial responsibilities?
13. Did you sell any stocks or bonds during the year? (If Yes, please attach o o
broker's information related to the transactions.)
14. Did you have foreign income or pay any foreign taxes in 2014? o o
15. Did you incur any premature withdrawal penalties from a timed saving
account? o o
If Yes, amount of penalty $
16. Did you surrender any U.S. Series EE or I savings bonds during 2014? o o
17. Did you use the proceeds from Series EE U.S. savings bonds purchased after
1989 to pay for higher education expenses? o o
18. Did you make any withdrawals from an Education Savings or 529 Plan
Account? (Include Form 1099-Q) o o
19. Did you sell and/or purchase a principal residence or other real estate in 2014? o o
If Yes, provide both the buyer's closing statement for when the original home
and the new home were purchased as well as the seller's closing statement for
the home sold.
20. Did you receive any disability or unemployment payments this year? o o
21. Did you realize a gain on property which was taken from you by destruction, o o
theft, seizure or condemnation?
22. Did you receive any income not included in the checklist? o o
Deductions for Medical and Dental Expenses
When you provide us a listing of your medical expenses, we don't want all the
detail. For your personal privacy, please just provide us a summary of the
medical expenses you incurred this past year. However, make sure that you
maintain the information necessary to document the information you provide
to us in the event of a subsequent audit.
23. Did you travel for medical care? # of miles ____________ o o
24. Did you pay out-of-pocket medical expenses (Co-Pays, Rx, etc.)? o o

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