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Job Titles: Military to Civilian - air force civilian job descriptions

Job Titles: Military to Civilian-air force civilian job descriptions

Job Titles: Military to Civilian
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Senior Field Grade Officer Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director
(05 - 07) Chief Operating Officer (COO), Deputy Chief
Chief Administrator
Field Grade Officer Executive Officer, Deputy Director,
(04) Assistant to the Director, Operations Manager
Company Grade Officer Operations Officer, Program Administrator,
(01 - 03) Supervisor
Commander Senior Personnel and Program Manager
Warrant Officer Senior Technician, Technical Advisor, Chief
Senior NCO Technical Advisor, Division Supervisor
(E7- E9)
First Sergeant Group Supervisor, Senior Advisor, Group
NCOIC Supervisor, Senior Technician, Section Chief
NCO Manager, Foreman, Technical Supervisor
(E5- E6)
Platoon Sergeant First Line Supervisor, Training Instructor
Enlisted Soldier Assembler, Specialist, Team Member,
Assistant Crew
(E1 - E4) Member, Technician
Personnel Specialist Administrative Clerk, Personnel Records Clerk
Supply/Logistics Shipping, Receiving, Inventory Control Clerk, Warehouse Clerk
Team/Squad Leader Team Supervisor, Trainer
Military to Civilian Thesaurus
Military Term Possible Translation
31 January 2009 January 31, 2009
Admin NCO Administrative officer, administrator, personnel manager
AR/DA PAMS Policy, organization policy, guidance, regulations, instructions,
requirement, specifications
Assigned Employed, worked, responsible for, attached
BN, BOE, HHD, CO & Unit, organization, staff section, widely dispersed organization,
Garrison agency
Chain of Command Executive levels, management, upper-level management
Combat Conflict, emergency situations, crisis, crisis intervention
Combat Training Survival skills, emergency training/instruction
Commander Supervisor, head of, leader, director, executive, officer, commander,
upper-level management
Company Units, organizations, staff elements, activities, work centers and
Correspondence Course Course, extension course, distance education, correspondence
Deactivation Closure, terminated operations
Deployed Temporarily assigned, traveled
Field Exercises or FTX Dispersed operations, training, remote training location
Field Office Large diverse or dispersed organization, remote work site
First Sergeant Operations Manager, supervisor, foreman
Hand Receipt Holder Logistics manager, supply manager, equipment manager
Inspector Examiner, troubleshooter, inspector, reviewer
Leader Manager, supervisor, executive, management, trainer, official,
conductor, chief, guide, director
Military to Civilian Thesaurus (continued)
Military Term Possible Translation
Master Fitness Trainer Physical fitness instructor, fitness instructor/trainer
MILPO/PSC/PSB Personnel center, personnel office, personnel administration office
Mission Function, tasks, obligations, objectives, requirements, priorities,
initiatives, operations
NCOs Management, middle management, senior personnel supervisor(s),
official, leader, administrator
OJT On-the-job-training, hands-on experience
Officer(s) Management, middle management, senior personnel, supervisors,
employee(s), official(s), administrator, executive
PMCS Preventive maintenance
Security Clearance Security access authorization
Scattered Units Outlying organizations, affiliated organizations, field section
Sensitive Confidential
SID PERS Automated personnel strength accounting system
Soldiers Personnel, individuals, people, positions, elements, staff, clients,
employees, members
Subordinates Personnel, people, positions, staff, employees
Superior(s) Supervisor, management, executive management
Suspense Date Deadline
TAC NCO Trainer, advisor, counselor (see training)
TOA Organizational structure, staffing documents
TOY Temporary responsibility, visiting consultant, business trips, traveled
to other locations to, detailed official visits
Tasking/Detail Assignment, job
Training Trainer, instructor, teacher, program, instruction, training
development, training
Troops Personnel, passengers, individuals, people, positions, cadre, staff,
clients, employees
Units Supported organizations, subordinate elements, clients

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