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DATEMEMORANDUM FOR RECORD FROM: Unit/Organization/Office Symbol (who’s requesting)SUBJECT: Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) Key Request TO: 607 MMS/LGRF (or who you’re sending the request to)1. Request Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) keys for the vehicles/equipment listed at Attachment 1 to this memorandum. The VIL keys shall be encoded with the following financial billing data in accordance with the requirements discussed in DESC-P-5, Section 6: Customer DoDAAC: FPXXX Signal Code: AFund Code: 30 Use Code: 1 or 5 (depending on use for on or offbase use) Sub-Account Data, (APC, TEC, Org Code): 123 Expiration Date of VIL Key: Date VIL key use ends or 1 yr from letter date MAX2. Signature to this VIL key request with appropriate billing data acknowledges full organizational responsibility to pay all associated fuel purchases recorded by Electronic Point of Sale (E-POS) at Automated Fuels Service Stations (AFSS). 3. The requesting individual acknowledges that they have read and understand the guidance contained in DESC-P-5, Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) Key Encoding, and Accountability, and are responsible to ensure internal organization controls are maintained in order to reduce the risk of waste, fraud, or abuse of VIL keys in accordance with service component specific regulations and local guidance. DESC-P-5 is available for review at the following website: https://www.desc.dla.mil/DCM/DCMPage.asp?PageID=479 Automated Fuel Service Stations (AFSS) facilities are not manned and do not provide fuel purchase receipts. 1st Ind,Unit/Office Symbol/RA, Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) Key Request, DATEMEMORANDUM FOR 607 MMS/LGRFI do / do not concur with the above VIL key request.Typed Name/GradeUnit Resource Advisor2nd Ind, Vehicle Maint. Authorized POC(person who validates this vehicle) MEMORANDUM FOR 607 MMS/LGRFI do / do not concur with the above VIL key request.Typed or Printed Name/Gradexxxxxx Management & Analysis3rd Ind, 607 MMS/LGRFMEMORANDUM FOR RECORDThe above VIL key has/has not been encoded by: _Fuels Mgt Flt Rep____ on ____________.Attachment 1Vehicle/Equipment List

Where is the Air Force personnel center located? The Air Force's Personnel Center, with headquarters at Joint Base San Antonio - Randolph, Texas, is a field operating agency of Headquarters U.S. Air Force, the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Manpower and Personnel. The center has responsibility for managing personnel programs and carrying out policies affecting Air Force active-duty and ...