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Grads 12-13 Physics Syllabus - NIE - al physics syllabus tamil medium

Grads 12-13 Physics Syllabus - NIE-al physics syllabus tamil medium

General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level)
Grads 12-13
Physics Syllabus
(Implemented from 2017)
Department of Science
National Institute of Education
Sri Lanka
Physics is the major science dealing with the fundamental constituents of universe, the forces they exert on one another and the results
produced by these forces. It is the root of every field of science and underlies all natural phenomena. Studying physics and physicist's methods
of acquiring and evaluating knowledge should therefore be regarded as an integral part of the education for all science students.
G.C.E (Advanced Level) Physics syllabus is designed as a two year course to provide the basic background in physics that would
be required by those intending to proceed to higher studies as well as by those who would utilize the knowledge of physics in various fields
and daily life.
1.1 National goals
1. Based on the concept of respecting human values and understanding the differences between the Sri Lankan multi-cultural society, building up the
nation and confirming the identity of Sri Lanka by promoting national integrity, national unity, national coherence and peace.
2. While responding to the challenges of the dynamic world, identifying and conserving the national heritage.
3. Creating an environment which comprises the conventions of social justice and democratic life to promote the characteristics of respecting human
rights, being aware of the responsibilities, concerning each other with affectionate relationships.
4. Promoting a sustainable life style based on the people's mental and physical wellbeing and the concept of human values.
5. Promoting positive feelings needed for a balanced personality with the qualities of creative skills, initiative, critical thinking and being responsible.
6. Developing the human resources, needed for the progress of the wellbeing of an individual, the nation as well as the economic growth of Sri Lanka,
through education.
7. Preparing the people for the changes that occur in a rapidly changing world by adapting to it and controlling them; developing abilities and
potentialities of people to face the complex and unexpected occasions.
8. Sustaining the skills and attitudes based on justice, equality, mutual respect which is essential to achieve a respectable place in the international
National Education Commission Report (2003).

What is in the physics practical handbook?The Physics practical handbook has been prepared by the Science Department of the National Institute of Education for the use of both teachers and students by including detailed instructions on 42 laboratory experiments related to the Physics (Advanced Level) syllabus effective from the year 2017.