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Welcome to Congratulations on upgrading to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). You now have
Fulfillment by Amazon! the same top-rated fulfillment process at your fingertips that has made
Amazon.com popular throughout the world. In addition, your customers will
benefit from the same professional fulfillment and customer service that they
would receive if they were buying directly from us.
As you begin to use FBA, you will grow familiar with the Web site and the process for managing your inventory. Below is
a quick overview of how FBA works and some of the most commonly used features you'll need to know to get started. At
the end of each section you'll find links to other resources that will help you find the answers to additional questions that
might come up along the way. Thank you for choosing Fulfillment by Amazon.
With this innovative program, you send your inventory to one of our fulfillment centers, and when orders are received, we take care of
packing your products and shipping them to your buyers. Your customers can combine your products with Amazon items and receive
Super Saver Shipping free shipping and other benefits, such as customer service and returns support directly from Amazon.
How it works
1. You send your new or used
products to Amazon.com's
fulfillment centers.
2. Amazon stores your products in
our ready-to-ship inventory.
3. Amazon fulfills orders on your
behalf; orders placed directly on
Amazon.com or fulfillment
requests you submit for sales not
on Amazon.
4. Fulfillment by Amazon picks your
products from inventory Quick Facts about Fulfillment by Amazon
and packages them.
5. Amazon ships the products to your
You own and control your FBA inventory at all times and can send more or
customers from our network of
request returns at any time
fulfillment centers. There are no minimum or maximum inventory or order requirements
Amazon.com deposits the net proceeds Fulfillment fees are charged per order at the time of the sale
from sales and charges net fees for Storage fees are calculated daily for only the inventory the seller has in the
fulfillment to your account as part of Amazon warehouse
your normal settlement cycle.
You can combine Amazon fulfillment with your own order processing or let
Amazon handle it for you
Inventory is stored and processed in our climate controlled and secure facilities
and is insured against loss or damage
Orders are processed immediately and are packed and shipped to arrive on
time by whatever method the customer selects
Useful links available on the Seller Central Help page located under Fulfillment by Amazon
FBA Merchant Manual Quick Reference: Labeling Quick Reference: Shipping Best
FBA Guidelines and Frequently Inventory Practices
Asked Questions Quick Reference: Labeling Quick Reference: Calculating Your
Quick Reference: Getting Started Packages FBA Program Fees
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You Send Products to Amazon
To send your products to Amazon you need to:
Convert your listings in Seller Central to Fulfillment by Amazon
Create a shipment
Label your products
Label your shipment
Convert your If you have products listed on
listings to Amazon.com, you can easily convert
FBA them to FBA by following these
steps (For instructions on how to
add items in Seller Central Help see
the Add a Product topic):
1. Log into your Seller Central
2. Click the Inventory tab.
3. Select the item(s) you wish
to fulfill through Amazon in
the All Inventory view by
checking the box to the left
of the title.
4. In the Apply to Selected pull-down menu, select "Convert to Fulfilled by Amazon."
5. Click Go.
For more information on converting products to FBA: Seller Central Help > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Merchant
Manual > 4.0 Getting Started with Amazon.com Fulfillment > 4.2.1 Convert Listings to Fulfilled by Amazon
Create a Once you have your listings
shipment converted to FBA, you will need to
create a shipment.
From the Inventory Tab, select
"Inventory Amazon Fulfills."
1. Place a check mark (9)
beside the items you want
to ship to Amazon.
2. From the Apply to Selected
pull-down menu, select
3. Click "Go."
4. A list of the items you selected will appear with the option to "Create a new shipment" selected below.
Click "Submit."
5. Enter the "Ship From" address and the quantity and click "Save Shipment."
For more information on shipments: Seller Central Help > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Merchant Manual > 5.0 Shipping
Inventory to Amazon.com > 5.1 Create a Shipment
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Label your All products must be properly
products identified for inventory and
fulfillment. This can be
accomplished by two methods. The
first option involves printing labels
from Seller Central and affixing
them to each unit (For example, if
you are shipping 100 CDs to our
facilities, you need to print 100
labels; one for each CD). The
second option involves using
existing scannable labels (UPC or
EAN). (See 5.5.1 Stickerless
Inventory.) If you do not have a
stickerless account, you can print
your own labels following these
1. After clicking "Save Shipment," you will find yourself in the Shipping Queue. Click the "Print Labels"
button In the second column from the right.
2. You will next see a list of products in your shipment. Click the button above the list labeled "Print
product labels." An Adobe Acrobat PDF file will open that you can save and print. Each label has a
barcode with the SKU, name and condition of your product.
3. Affix the labels to your products.
For more information on product labels: Seller Central Help > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Merchant Manual > 5.0
Shipping Inventory to Amazon.com > 5.5 Print Product Labels
For more information on "Stickerless" Inventory: Seller Central Help > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Merchant Manual
> 5.0 Shipping Inventory to Amazon.com > 5.5.1 Stickerless Inventory
Label your Now that your products are labeled,
shipment you will need a shipping label, so
you can send them in bulk to one of
our warehouses.
1. Click the "Print package
labels" button at the
bottom of the Print Labels
for Individual Products
page. Seller Central creates
an Adobe Acrobat PDF file
that you can print as a
label and affix to your
2. Once you've placed your
shipment with the carrier, return to the Shipping Queue page and use the "Mark as Shipped" button to
let Amazon.com know a shipment is on the way.
3. Do not cover the Amazon package label with the carrier label. Both labels need to be visible.
For more information on shipment labels: Seller Central Help > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Merchant Manual >
5.0 Shipping Inventory to Amazon.com > 5.8 Shipping Best Practices
FBABASICS 07-17-2007

Should I use Fulfillment by Amazon?Why should you use Fulfillment by Amazon? The benefits of using FBA include: Free shipping on eligible orders: With FBA, your products are eligible for Amazon Prime free Two-Day Shipping, and all Amazon.com customers can get free shipping on eligible orders.