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ANCC Certification Renewal Requirements / CCCTM Renewal … - ancc certification renewal requirements 2020

ANCC Certification Renewal Requirements / CCCTM Renewal …-ancc certification renewal requirements 2020

ANCC Certification Renewal Requirements / CCCTM Renewal Requirements
?Mandatory 75 CE & additional category ?1,000 practice hours in Care Coordination/Transition Management in
5 years (Practice includes clinical, management or education)
? (RN students in nursing BSN, MSN or Doctoral degree program
can waive employment requirements; Academic courses must be
biopsychosocial content and offered by an accredited education
?Current Certification ?Current Certification
?Current, active RN license ?Current, active RN license
Continuing Education Continuing Education
? For APRN & Specialties
?75 CE Required in Specialty & including 25 CEs in Pharm (for APRNs) ?90 total CE over past 5 years: 68 CE Required in CCCTM & additional
22 in General PD
? **For initial recertification, contact hours earned as of January 1 of
the 1st year of initial certification are acceptable.
? For all subsequent certifications, contact hours within the current
certification period may be submitted.
? Contact hours entries may be used in 1 recertification period, only.
? CCCTM hours: direct patient care in a care coordination and/or
transition management setting.
? If content of activity is included in CCCTM TCO, then the hours will
be considered.
? All 90 CAN be in CCCTM; only 68 minimum required.
? General PD hours: broad area of health care, general nursing
and professional development; including leadership, delegation,
documentation or compassion fatigue.
? Maximum of 22 hours permitted.
? NON-CNE Activities can either be applied directly CCCTM-related
practice, General PD content OR BOTH
Academic Credits Academic Courses
?5 semester credits or 6 quarter credits ?1 academic hour = 15 CH (maximum of 75 CH, per recertification
?1 semester credit = 15 CH ?1 CME = 1 CH (maximum of 45 CH, per recertification period)
Presentations Presentations (Content for academic courses and CNE programs)
? Presentations will only count 1 time, regardless of how many times ? Presentations will only count 1 time, regardless of how many times
the course is taught the course is taught
? Clinician must be primary presenter of 1st-time presentation, ? Must be awarded academic credit or contact hours, by an
delivered in structured teaching/learning framework to nurses/other accredited/approved provider of CNE
healthcare providers
?1 or more presentations = 5 clock hours ?1 presentation hour = 3 CH (maximum of 45 CH, per recertification
Presentations (Conference Poster Presentations)
? Must be relevant to CCTM Nursing Practice
? Must be presented at a Regional/National Meeting
? 1 poster = 5 CH (maximum of 20 CH, per recertification period)
Evidence-Based Practice or QI Project, Publication or Research Research & Evidence-Based Practice Projects
?EBP/QI Project ?Research projects approved by IRB, where clinician is primary
? Project must demonstrate the use of a problem-solving approach ? EBP projects given exempt status by the IRB or have been
using the best evidence to answer a defined question related to implemented in clinician's facility, where clinician is a primary champion
certification in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the project
? 1 EBP or QI Project started and completed during the certification ? 1 Research Project = 30 CH (maximum of 30 CH, per recertification
renewal period period)
? 1 EBP Project = 15 CH (maximum of 15 CH, per recertification period)
Publications Publications
? Publish 1 article in a peer-reviewed journal or book chapter (clinician ? Must be a published manuscript, research paper, book, book chapter
must be Author/co-author/Editor/co-Editor/Reviewer)
? Maximum of 25 CH, per recertification period
?Publish 5 different articles related to certification specialty in a non- ?Author/co-author/editor of a Book = 25 CH
peer reviewed journal and/or newsletter
? Author/co-author/editor of a Book Chapter = 10 CH
? Serve as the primary author of content related to certification ? Author/co-author/editor of a published article = 5 CH
specialty utlized in e-learning and/or other media presentations
? Serve as the primary grant writer for a federal, state, or national Multimedia Program Development
organization project related to certification specialty ?Development of program content and script for electronic media
? Must be awarded CH
? 1 60-minute program = 5 CH maximum of 20 CH, per recertification
? Complete 1 IRB research project related to certification specialty,
where clinician is the primary researcher
? Complete a dissertation, thesis, or graduate-level scholarly project
(e.g. DNP Project) related to certification specialty
? Serve as a content reviewer on an IRB, dissertation, thesis or scholarly
project that is NOT a component of your employment duties
? Serve as a content expert reviewer of other activities related to your
certification specialty that are not a part of your employment duties
(e.g. software and e-learning)
Preceptor Hours Preceptorship/Mentoring
?120 hours, as a preceptor providing direct clinical supervision/ ?30 hours = 5 CH, (maximum of 20 CH, per recertification period)
teaching to students in an academic program related to your
certification specialty
? 120 hours of clinical supervision related to certification specialty in
a formal fellowship, residency or internship program at the same
practice level or higher
Professional Service Member of National Nursing Organization Board or National
Committee Chair
? 2 or more years of volunteer service with an international, national, ? 1 hour of participation = 1 CH (maximum of 5 CH, per recertification
state or local healthcare-related organization in which your period)
certification specialty expertise is required
? Accepted volunteer activities include service on Boards of Directors, ? Test Development/Item Writing for MSNCB
Committees, Editorial Boards, Review Board, Task Forces and ? 1 volunteered weekend session = 5 CH (maximum of 20 CH, per
Medical Missions recertification period)
? CCCTM Recertification Committee
? Members of the CCCTM Recertification Committee may count their
volunteer time when recertifying
? 2 CH/year (maximum of 10 CH, per recertification period)
Practice Hours
? A minimum of 1,000 practice hours in your certification specialty,
and can be completed either through employment or as a volunteer
? CNSs/NPs must complete practice hours in their certification role/
population at the APRN level
? Faculty can use hours of direct clinical supervision of students for
clinical practice; must be in role/population and CNS/NP faculty
must have direct supervision of APRN students
Assessment (Examination)
? Pass the exam, if available

How to verify ANCC certification? You must request a verification for each purpose you require. Individuals with multiple certifications must order separate verifications for each certification. Allow 7 business days for processing Mailed certificates arrive via USPS first class delivery. ... You will need the certification number and last name of the certified nurse. More items...