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Antonym Word List - slp lesson plans-antonyms for words search

Antonym Word List
above-below brother-sister disgrace-honor
absent-present buy-sell drunk-sober
abundant-scarce careful-careless dry-wet
accept-refuse catch-throw dwarf-giant
accidental-intentional cease-begin early-late
accurate-incorrect certain-uncertain east-west
admit-deny cheerful-sad easy-hard
advance-retreat city-country empty-full
after-before closed-open entrance-exit
against-for cold-hot evil-good
ahead-behind combine-separate exciting-dull
all-none comedy-tragedy exhibit-conceal
always-never come-go exit-entrance
antique-modern complete-incomplete expensive-cheap
asleep-awake condemn-praise exterior-interior
attack-defend conquer-fail extinguish-ignite
aunt-uncle contract-expand fail-succeed
authentic-imitation cool-warm fall-spring
awake- asleep country-city fancy-plain
bad-good crooked-straight fat-skinny
bald-hairy cruel-kind fat-thin
beautiful-ugly dangerous-safe fertile-barren
beginning-end dark-light few-many
beg-offer daughter-son fiction-fact
beneath-above day-night find-lose
best-worst dead-alive finish-begin
bitter-sweet death-life first-last
black-white deep-shallow floor-ceiling
borrow-lend depart-arrive foolish-wise
bottom-top destroy-create forget-remember
boy-girl different-same former-latter
brave-scared dirty-clean forward-backward
break-fix discourage-encourage frequent-infrequent
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friend-enemy king-queen necessary-useless
from-to knowledge-ignorance nephew-niece
front-back known-unknown never-always
gain-loss large-small new-old
gather-scatter last-first noisy-quiet
generous-stingy laugh-cry north-south
genuine-fake lazy-industrious nourish-starve
give-take lead-follow no-yes
graceful-clumsy left-right obey-disobey
grin-frown length-width off-on
guilty-innocent less-more old-new
happy-sad literal-figurative open-close
hard-soft little-big outer-inner
harmony-discord lock-unlock out-in
harsh-mild long-short over-under
healthy-sick loose-tight part-whole
heavy-light lose-find patient-impatient
hide-show lost-found perfect-faulty
high-low loud-soft permit-forbid
him-her love-hate polite-rude
hit-miss lower-raise poor-rich
hungry-full majority-minority positive-negative
husband-wife man-woman private-public
idle-busy maximum-minimum prohibit-allow
illegal-lawful merciful-cruel push-pull
imaginary-real miserable-happy questing-answer
import-export mix-sort quick-slow
imprison-free moist-dry raise-lower
include-exclude morning-evening raw-cooked
increase-decrease morning-night reluctant-enthusiastic
in-out most-least remember-forget
inside-outside mother-father reward-punishment
joy-grief naked-clothed right-wrong
kind-mean near-far rough-smooth
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rural-urban swift-slow wide-narrow
sane-insane take-give wild-tame
seldom-often tall-short win-lose
selfish-unselfish tame-wild winter-summer
send-receive tardy-early work-play
sharp-dull temporary-permanent worthless-valuable
she-he thaw-freeze wrong-right
shout-whisper thick-thin yes-no
shrink-expand tight-loose young-old
sick-well together-apart
simple-complicated top-bottom
sink-float tough-tender
sit-stand triumph-fail
slavery-freedom true-false
slow-fast ugly-pretty
small-large unbreakable-fragile
smart-dumb under-over
smile-frown unique-ordinary
soft-hard up-down
solid-liquid useful-useless
south-north usually-rarely
spend-save vacant-occupied
start-finish vanish-appear
stationary-movable victory-defeat
stay-go villain-hero
stop-go violent-gentle
straight-crooked walk-run
stranger-friend warm-cool
strengthen-weaken war-peace
strong-weak weak-strong
summer-winter wealth-poverty
sun-moon wet-dry
sweet-sour whisper-yell
sweet-sour white-black
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How to find antonyms?To find an antonym, follow these steps:Position the insertion point in the word you wish to check.Press Shift+F7. Word displays the Thesaurus dialog box or the Research pane, depending on your version of Word.If antonyms are available for the word, you will see the Antonyms choice. Click on Antonyms.In the Replace with Antonym list, select an antonym for your word.Click on Replace.