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2020 Exam Sample Question - College Board - ap statistics exam practice

2020 Exam Sample Question - College Board-ap statistics exam practice

2020 Exam
Note: This is an example of 2020 Question 2, a multi-focus
free-response item with allotted time of 15 minutes
(plus 5 minutes to submit).
Question 1 is a longer multi-focus free-response item, with
allotted time of 25 minutes (plus 5 minutes to submit).
Question 2
Allotted time: 15 minutes (plus 5 minutes to submit)
Students at an agricultural station conducted a study to compare genetically
modified (GM) corn with regular corn. Each of 33 plots of land was divided into
two half-plots; one half-plot was randomly selected to be planted with the GM
corn, and the other half-plot was planted with the regular corn.
The table shows summary statistics for the yields, in bushels per acre, and the
difference in yield (GM minus regular) for each plot.
Mean Deviation n Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum
GM 125.018 13.623 33 107.4 111.9 127.5 138.0 144.0
Regular 120.482 10.321 33 102.9 111.0 119.4 129.0 133.5
Difference 4.536 6.444 33 -2.1 -0.9 3.0 6.0 20.1
(a) Explain why the yields from one type of corn are not independent of the
yields from the other type of corn.
(b) Based on the summary statistics, would it be more likely to obtain a yield
of 123 or more bushels per acre from a plot of GM corn or a plot of regular
corn? Justify your answer.
A boxplot of the differences in yield is shown below.
Difference in yield (bushels per acre, GM minus regular)
(c) Describe the distribution of the differences.
AP Statistics2020 Exam|Sample Question 2
The students conducted a test of the hypotheses
H0 : ?d = 0
Ha : ?d 0,
where ?d is the population mean difference (GM minus regular) in yield, in
bushels per acre, for plots similar to those used in the study. The conditions for
inference have been met.
(d) One of the conditions for inference that was met is that the sample size of
the differences is greater than 30. Explain why it is necessary to satisfy this
(e) The test resulted in a p-value of 0.0003. Based on the p-value, what
conclusion should the students make?
AP Statistics2020 Exam|Sample Question 3

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