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APCC Enrollment What (Course Name) - United … - army atrrs catalog

APCC Enrollment What (Course Name) - United …-army atrrs catalog

APCC Enrollment
What (Course Name): Army Paralegal Competence Course (APCC)
Course Title: 512-27D30-DL
Course Hours: 55
Course Type: Functional. Courses listed in ATRRS are authorized promotion points at the rate of four
promotion points per week (defined as 40 training hours) of military training. Students must contact their S1/G1
to update promotion point worksheet. Courses may take up to 12 days to populate from the date of course
completion to the automated promotion point worksheet for promotion points. The Soldier must have record of
full course completion and the total credit hours for the entire course will be divided by five to determine
promotion points. No points will be awarded for sub-course completion.
ERB/ARB updates adding APCC are made through eMILPO (RA) or USAR systems. TDD is currently working
with TRADOC to add the course in eMILPO and USAR systems.
When (Course start/end dates): Students may enroll into the course at any time. Once enrolled, students
have 60 days to complete the entire course.
Phase: No Phase
POC Information: MSG Ericca Cole, ericca.o.cole.mil@mail.mil, Office: (434) 971-3223, Distance Learning
Instructor/Developer, Training Developments Directorate, The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center &
School, 600 Massie Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903
Who (Prerequisites): Successfully completed Advance Individual Training (AIT), and served in the unit a
minimum of one year after completion of AIT. Sergeant First Class and promotable Staff Sergeant that re-class
into the MOS27D, may take this course after the completion of AIT. Soldier must not be flagged for failure to
meet height/weight and/or Army Physical Fitness Test standards to attend training.
Where (Location/enrollment): To self-enroll in APCC students use ATRRS website via
https://www.atrrs.army.mil/ and click on COURSE CATALOG, then type in the COURSE NUMBER box "512-
27D40-DL" (without the quotation marks), and click on SEARCH THE ATRRS COURSE CATALOG. A new
page will load, click on the COURSE number, it is a hyperlink (it is underlined) and a new page will load with
available class dates. In the far left column, the word REGISTER next to available class numbers and dates.
Next to whichever class you would like to register for simply click on the word REGISTER, it is a hyperlink (it is
underlined). Students are required to login using a CAC. Once logged in, students must update their unit
information and the rest is self-explanatory. If students experience any issues with enrollment, they should
submit a help desk ticket through JAGU. To access the help desk and the course, log directly into JAGU
(preferably using Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers) at https://jagu.army.mil/ (turn off compatibility view
to load in explorer).
Why (Readiness): APCC consist of five modules and 29 lessons. In this course students gain a solid
foundation in the law and paralegal profession through an interactive online learning platform focusing on
effective legal writing, client services, administrative law, Military Justice, and Fiscal Law. APCC provides
knowledge that increase critical reasoning skills and aids creative thinking skill. This course bridges the
learning gap between a paralegals Advanced Individual Training and Advance Leaders Training. The course
cover the following topics: effective military writing, writing fundamentals, elements of effective writing, writing in
active voice, principles of writing, research and planning, the writing process, writing a draft, applying
formatting, revision and proof reading, legal assistance, Service member Civil Relief Act, estate planning,
family support, AR 15-6 investigations, line of duty investigations, overview of Military Justice, basic of Non
Judicial punishments, summary court Martial, prepare a charge sheet, article 34, UCMJ and pretrial advice,
discovery and production, administrative separations, overview of the Law of armed conflict, rules for the use of
force, and fiscal law overview.
Special Information:
For additional information go to Information for School 681 on ATTRS, contact the Training Developments
Directorate (TDD), at (434) 971-3223, DSN 521, or visit our website http://www.jagcnet.army.mil/TJAGLCS).

What does atrrs do? ATRRS maintains Soldier training profiles, training plans, and training paths. ATRRS Maintains Lifecycle training records and unit strength reporting thus ensuring unit training readiness.