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aip quick-start guide
What is the Autoimmune Protocol?
The Autoimmune Protocol is an elimination and reintroduction protocol that has been
specifically designed to help those suffering from autoimmune disease determine
their food allergies and sensitivities, reverse nutrient deficiencies, balance gut flora,
and heal their bodies over the long-term. The protocol, otherwise known as "The Pa-
leo Approach," has been developed and refined by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, and is out-
lined in detail in her excellent book, The Paleo Approach. We believe this is the best
and most specific elimination and reintroduction protocol for those with autoimmune
disease, and that following it can give a person the best chance to come up with their
own personalized healing diet.
Which foods are avoided?
In a nutshell, during the elimination-phase of the Autoimmune Protocol a person
would remove all grains, legumes, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, nightshade-family vege-
tables as well as food additives and chemicals from their diet. These foods have been
shown in research to exacerbate "leaky gut," and removal promotes gut healing and
gives the immune system a chance to calm. Looking for a complete chart? Check out
the printable lists that accompany this guide!
Which foods are emphasized?
The Autoimmune Protocol is not purely about avoiding certain irritating triggers, but
equally is about adding in nutrient-dense, whole foods that reverse micronutrient de-
ficiencies, balance gut flora, and enable the body to undergo a healing process. Some
examples would be bone broth, organ meats, fermented foods, cold-water fish, shell-
fish, and a colorful array of fruits and vegetables.
Do I need to be 100% compliant?
In order to give their immune system adequate time off from potential food triggers,
it is absolutely essential to do the elimination phase at a time when a person can be
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100% compliant, including cross-contamination. This is why it is best not to do the
elimination phase during the holidays, periods of high stress or expected travel.
How long do I need to do the Autoimmune Protocol?
It is recommended to try the elimination phase for 30-90 days. If a person starts to see
improvement, then they can decide to move on to the reintroduction phase to begin
the process of constructing the diet that best supports their healing. If a person is not
seeing any improvement after 30-90 days, it is time for troubleshooting (see below).
Which way of transitioning to the Autoimmune Protocol is best?
There are two ways of transitioning to the elimination phase--slow and steady, or
cold-turkey. While cold-turkey is the quickest way to get results, it isn't for every-
one. Some prefer to remove a category of food (such as grains or dairy) every week
over the course of a month or two, until they are fully compliant. Those that favor a
cold-turkey transition will want to spend more time preparing, using meal planning
and batch-cooking to their advantage.
Is there anything besides food that I should be doing as well?
Yes! While food is incredibly powerful at helping our bodies heal, it isn't the only piece
of the puzzle. Learning how to get the right quality and quantity of sleep, managing
stress appropriately, incorporating movement, and connecting with others and nature
are all important areas to look into.
I'm feeling better! How do I reintroduce foods?
Once a person starts to see improvements from the elimination phase, it is time to
consider reintroducing foods. It is important to reintroduce foods slowly and system-
atically, in an order from least likely to provoke a reaction to most likely. Through this
process, a person learns which foods they are actually sensitive to, and can use that in-
formation to craft a long-term diet that is best for them. The full reintroduction proto-
col is beyond the scope of this document, but check out The Paleo Approach and Re-
introducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol for more detailed information.
Do I need to talk to my doctor before starting the Autoimmune Protocol?
Yes! You should always talk to your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise
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routine. Depending on your health condition, you may need to have more frequent
testing and/or monitoring.
What if I don't experience success on the Autoimmune Protocol?
If a person isn't seeing any improvements during the elimination phase, it is time for
troubleshooting. Many of us have been here, and sometimes tweaks like adding more
starchy carbs, trying a low-FODMAP approach, treating gut infections, or spending
more time on sleep or stress is helpful. This is a great time to get a Paleo-friendly prac-
titioner involved to help you resolve some root causes holding you back from healing
(Primal Docs and Paleo Physicians Network are both great resources).
Have more questions?
Check out our books, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook and The Alternative Au-
toimmune Cookbook for all the details on elimination and reintroduction, as well as
dozens of elimination-phase compliant recipes.
In addition, we've addressed some frequently-asked-questions about the Autoim-
mune Protocol in this series on our blog:
Q and A volume I
Q and A volume II
Q and A volume III
Looking for support?
Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and connect to the Autoim-
mune Paleo community worldwide. Use hashtags #autoimmunepaleo and #autoim-
muneprotocol to get inspired and meet others who are healing their bodies through
the elimination and reintroduction process!
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