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Siemens Automotive Stamping Solutions - automotive stamping companies in michigan

Siemens Automotive Stamping Solutions -automotive stamping companies in michigan

Siemens PLM Software
Stamping Solutions
Combine PLM software with
Siemens production equipment to
transform design, manufacture and
production efficiency
Increase return on
stamping die and
press line investments
PROVEN VALUE Automotive stamping dies and press lines As you plan, design, validate, manufacture
? Increase the stroke rate are high-cost, long lead-time investments. and commission your press line equipment,
by 10 percent To maximize return on investment (ROI), it's you can leverage Siemens PLM Software's
? Reduce try-out time by important to streamline development and complete suite of CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM
70 percent commissioning of new lines, while flexibly solutions and Siemens production equipment
? Reduce tooling design adapting existing lines to new designs. (which includes controllers and drivers) to:
cost by 50 percent Your fully functioning press line's ROI ? Reduce the time needed for production
? Reduce die design errors depends on the time required for die engi- rampup
by 90 percent neering, optimization, building and setup as ? Achieve greater throughput without
Achievable improvements well as press line commissioning and produc- sacrificing quality
as reported by customers. tion rampup. ROI also depends on the press ? Meet material waste reduction objectives
line's throughput while running in produc-
tion. In addition, because of the complex
nature of today's press lines, the success of
your stamping process is never fully deter-
mined until the commissioning process is
Introducing Siemens
automotive stamping solutions
Siemens automotive stamping solutions Siemens SIMOTION controller and Process planning and data
are used by leading companies to drives deliver stamping line equipment management
optimize operational efficiency and that facilitates production reliability, Stamping process development is a
reduce time, cost and errors in design, intelligent energy management and highly collaborative activity requiring
planning and production of sheet metal maintenance cost reduction. effective communication across mul-
parts and dies. tiple disciplines including product
Complete and integrated solution set design, tooling design, manufacturing
Best-in-class software applications from planning to commissioning engineering, industrial operations and
and production equipment The stamping process plays a major role production teams. Siemens PLM
Siemens PLM Software provides a in determining the efficiency of auto- Software solutions provide process
comprehensive and integrated founda- motive body part production. planning, data management and con-
tion of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM applications Ever-increasing requirements for figuration control, as well as flexible
for planning, designing, simulating and shorter production times are met by reporting, to ensure the availability of
manufacturing complete stamping die leveraging Siemens PLM Software's the right data, when and where it's
press lines. specialized planning, design, manufac- needed.
turing and simulation solutions.
Formability NC Primary Secondary
analysis preparation try-out try-out
Die face
Product Die Die face Press line Part
data layout design Inspection optimization production
Die structure
DFM Part transfer Springback
design Design
analysis optimization modeling
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