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10 Greatest Supply Chain Management Books of All …-best business books all time

10 Greatest Supply Chain Management Books of All Time
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10 Greatest Supply Chain Management Books of All Time
In dynamic supply chain environment, people have to make quick and
decisive actions against various issues. This can only be achieved by
the knowledge and skills of the team. Then companies try to motivate
staffs to continue developing their skills on regular basis. For entry and
mid level staffs, self-study has proven to be a cost-effective option. In
order to facilitate smooth learning process, this article will show you
10 greatest supply chain management books that can help you reach your full career potential.
Ranking Method
In publishing industry, Nielsen BookScan is the most widely used database for book ranking
method. In short, Nielsen provides point of sales data from various retail outlets and gross
sales quantity will be summarized. Anyway, access to this database costs an arm and a leg. In POPULAR ARTICLES
logistics and scm area, most industry publications create ranking based on input from readers
then editorial team makes final decision which is a bit subjective. Therefore, the challenge to SCOR Model for Supply Chain
establish ranking method is to find more economical data source and unbiased metric. Improvement
History of Logistics and Supply Chain
Management [INFOGRAPHIC]
WMS Software : How to Build
Successful Business Case
Supply Chain Mapping for Superior
Value Stream Mapping in Supply Chain
Management : How to Guide
I'm sure some of you've been using Google Scholar to find related publications. As you may Cross Docking Concept in Supply Chain
notice, search results will always show number of citations or how many times each publication Management
is referred to by other paper as below screen shot,
Supply Chain Management : 12
Disciplines for Operations Excellence
Logistics : Concept, Literature and
Recommended Reading
Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1?
a Case Study
Green Supply Chain : Metrics, Analysis
and Best Practices
Based on this information, ranking of 10 greatest supply chain management books of all time
can be identified as below,
- Perform search query in Google Scholar.
- About 1,000 search results will be available.
- Number of citations of each book is collected.
- Only books visible in Google Scholar are qualified.
- If particular book has more than one record, only record from most current or most cited
edition will be selected.
And the winners of 10 Greatest Supply Chain Management Books of All Time go to...
http://www.scm-operations.com/2012/12/best-supply-chain-management-book.html[12/7/2012 2:06:02 PM]
10 Greatest Supply Chain Management Books of All Time
Best Supply Chain Management Books in Alphabetical Order
Interesting Statistics
While conducting this survey, I've found some interesting statistics that I would like to share as
The reason citation is used to determine the impact of each book is so simple. The content is
good then people refer to it often (number of citations is also used to measure the importance
of journal articles aka Impact Factor). My personal observation is that scholarly articles cite
books because most books present building block concept in supply chain management and
citations usually appear in literature review section. Anyway, how often scholarly articles cite
top supply chain management books?
To select graduate program, publication of professor is one of the indicators that reflect quality
of the program. Most of the authors of best supply chain books are university professors so let's
find out where they are now. As you can see, MIT, Michigan State University and Ohio State
University have 2 authors each.
Another interesting thing I've found is that the United States appear to be the powerhouse in
supply chain management. How about its counterpart in Europe? Professor Martin Christopher
http://www.scm-operations.com/2012/12/best-supply-chain-management-book.html[12/7/2012 2:06:02 PM]
10 Greatest Supply Chain Management Books of All Time
and Professor Arjan J. Van Weele are 2 European professors who manage to be in the top list.
Some people may feel that the use of number of citations to do the ranking is the drawback
because older books will have the edge over newer books (older books have the opportunity to
get cited more). Statistics says this is not true. Some new books also manage to get into the
top list as below,
Concluding Remark
Integration of supply chain management processes require good planning, implementing and
controlling skills both within and across companies to reduce cost and improve service. Modern
supply chain organization needs people who can put theory into practice and turn ideas into
reality. So I hope this post will be a good resource for your future career endeavors.
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