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Campaign Task: Starbucks Coffee Company
"Latte Love"
Jacklin Altman
Lauren Snyder
Danielle Racioppi
For Mktg 3596
Professor James Hunt
Executive Summary:
Starbucks is a leading retailer, importer, and marketer of premium coffee and tea beverages from
around the world. Starbucks is widely recognized by its trademark green and white logo of a siren,
displayed on each of its coffee cups, storefronts, and products. The beverage retailer utilizes a
brick?and?click sales strategy to offer its merchandise to the widest market possible. Compared to other
major retailers like Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, 7?11, and Wawa, Starbucks charges $1?$3 more per
beverage but offers a much more extensive menu and inviting atmosphere than its competitors.
Starbucks Latte Love campaign promotes one of their biggest sellers the handcrafted latte. This
campaign was promoted through TV commercials as well as social media. These ads capitalize on the
uniqueness and quality of Starbucks products. This campaign promoted both well known products like
pumpkin spice latte to their lesser known products like VIA at?home latte packets, utilizing a peripheral
route to persuasion to entice viewers to try their custom drinks.
a. Campaign Overview
Starbucks' Latte Love campaign was designed to frame the company's latte promotions
throughout the Winter of 2014. For instance, when users purchased a Vanilla Spice Latte, Cafe Mocha, or
Hot Chocolate on Valentines day, they got to "share the love" and got a second one free. The ads were
also designed to promote Starbucks new VIA lattes, which allow customers to enjoy the fresh taste of a
Starbucks latte in the comfort of their own home. Users could, for $1, purchase a sample VIA latte packet
that came with a coupon for $1 off their purchase of a VIA 4?pack or larger. The campaign then evolved
into a series of advertisements that showed the craft and care that goes into creating each Starbucks latte,
as well as how far the Starbucks latte has come. According to Starbucks Corporate Fact Sheet, they
introduced lattes in 1984, and in 2014 the company is focused on bringing new latte flavors to the
coffee?drinking public (Starbucks Coffee Company). The advertisements featured slow dripping chocolate,
gooey caramel, and the idea that your latte is as unique as you are. The advertisements were not expressly
branded as Starbucks advertisements from the beginning, and in a survey of 71 individuals, 59.26% did not
even know that it was a Starbucks ad until the logo came on at the end (Exhibit B). These ads were also
intended to elicit an emotional response, and of the 71 people surveyed, most people reported that the
advertisement made them feel hungry (58.18%) and happy (49.9%) when allowed to select multiple
choices (Exhibit A). A majority of those surveyed (75.47%) also believed the main message of the
advertising campaign to be that "Your Starbucks drink is unique to you," which is in line with what the
company is trying to achieve with the Latte Love campaign (Exhibit E). Those surveyed also saw a fair
convergence between the Starbucks brand and these advertisements in particular, with most respondents,
about 48%, viewing the ad as fitting the Starbucks image well (Exhibit F).
b. Target Market:
This information was a sample of 231,485 Starbucks principal shoppers.
The data shows that the average Starbucks consumer is between 45?54 years of age, is female, has not
attended college, is white, and is from the South.
1. Age Range
18?24: 12.8%
25?34: 17.95%
35?44: 17.4%
45?54: 19%
55?64: 15.7%
65+: 16.9%
2. Gender
Men: 48.4%
Women: 51.6%
3. Education Level
Graduated College Plus: 27.52%
Attended college: 19.3%
Graduated High School: 30.7%
Didn't graduate High School:12.9%
Post Graduate Degree: 11%
No College:44%
4. Region, including urban, suburban etc.
North East: 18.28%
South: 37.1%

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