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10 Bible WomenRuth, true friendMary Magdalene, apostleWicked JezebelJudith, ruthless saviourSarah, princess of her tribeMary, mother of JesusEve, great motherRachel, the belovedRahab the prostituteDeborah, warrior womanQuestionsWhat are ‘angels’?Did Jesus marry Magdalene?Who was the mother of Jesus?Da Vinci Code: true or false?Abraham: was his story true?Was Moses really an Egyptian?Was the Tower of Babel real?Who was Abraham’s God?Who was the God of Moses?Who was King David’s God?Bible PaintingsBeautiful AngelsNoah & the FloodCain murders AbelThe MadonnaMary of NazarethJudith murders HolofernesRuth & NaomiRachel & her sister LeahRebecca & IsaacJoseph & Potiphar’s wifeMoses & MiriamBeautiful EstherMore on EstherHagar & SarahTamar seduces JudahDaily LifeChildbirth in the ancient worldClothes for childrenClothes – what people woreClothes for rich & poorClothes: the evidenceCookingDogs in the Bible worldDivorce in the BibleFamily – who was the boss?Family, work, religionAdultery in the BibleFarming in ancient timesFood – what Bible?people ateKosher – clean & unclean foodsAncient jewels –?royal bling!Virgins & maidensMarriage: monogamy, polygamyMoney & marriage: bride priceLevirate Law?protects the weakMajor eventsMusic in the ancient worldAncient musical instrumentsWork: what people didSlaves in the ancient worldCattle, goats, sheep, assesWhat was crucifixion?Circumcision in the BibleMarriage & familyVirgins & maidensMonogamy? Polygamy?Money & marriage: bride priceWeddings in the BibleChildbirth in the ancient worldBabies & children in the BibleAdultery in the BibleDivorce in the BibleFamily – who was the boss?Family, work, religionLevirate Law?protects the weakMajor eventsBible Top TenTop 10 Bad WomenTop 10 Bad Bible Men10 Bible Heroes10 Bible Heroines10 Young People in the Bible10 Princesses of Israel & Judah10 Plagues of EgyptTop 10 Bible MoviesTop 10 Bible PaintingsTop 10 Christian SongsTop 10 Ideas: what is God?Top 10 Bible KingsTop 10 Bible MurdersTop 10 Gospel Villains10 Worst Sins in the Bible10 Bible Warriors10 Ways to Heaven10 Ways to HellFamous storiesBathsheba, David’s great loveDeborah faces impossible oddsElizabeth, Mary’s cousinQueen Esther, beautiful, shrewdJezebel,?Bible??harlotBeautiful, deadly JudithMartha & Mary of BethanyMary Magdalene: ex-prostitute?The real Mary of NazarethBeautiful, tragic RachelRuth, a love storyTamar demands her rightsWho was … ?Aaron, High PriestAdam, first manBaby MosesCain & AbelThe Good SamaritanHerod Agrippa: trapped PeterHerod Antipas: the foxKing Herod the GreatJephtah: tragic warriorJudas: why did he do it?Nathan, David’s wise guideSamson, Bible strong manSaul, Israel’s tragic kingSaul/Paul, passionate convertAncient BuildingsTemple, Jericho, MegiddoSolomon’s palaceFortress/palace of MasadaHouses for rich & poorAncient citiesTower of BabelAncient palacesTombs for the deadCatacombs for ChristiansAncient technologySacred BuildingsGreat templesArk of the CovenantSolomon’s TempleJerusalem TempleTabernacle, Holy of HoliesZiggurats of BabylonAncient worshipGods & GoddessesAncient SacrificesHuman sacrificeArk of the CovenantAncient Altars of SacrificeAstrology & the BibleAstronomy in the BibleAncient High PlacesAncient TemplesTabernacle, Holy of HoliesAaron & the Golden CalfLucky charms in the BibleMagic in the BiblePagan idols in the BibleCasting LotsThe Temple of SolomonThe 2nd Temple of JerusalemJerusalem Temple – King HerodWhat did the Israelites believe?Witches & mediums?Ziggurats of BabylonWounded womenAdulterous woman?& Jesus?Delilah –?Samson’s downfall! Dinah, victim of male violenceEve, great mother of all Egyptian slave girl Hagar Jephtah’s daughter sacrificedLonely, unloved LeahLevite’s concubine murdered The real Mary Magdalene Woman with an issue of blood? Potiphar’s lonely, lustful?wife The Syro-Phoenician Mother Tamar gets justice from Judah??The Crippled Woman and Jesus Pilate’s Roman WifeAncient citiesBeershebaDanJerusalem before King DavidSolomon’s JerusalemJerusalem mapsBits & piecesList of women in the BibleGlossary, meanings of wordsBible study activitiesBible mapsBible HeroesNoah saves the earthAbraham, father of his peopleIsaac: the scramble for powerJacob: a man searches for GodJoseph of EgyptMoses, leader, lawgiver, legendMoses & the Burning BushMoses & the 10 PlaguesEhud murders EglonKing DavidSolomon, wise & foolishJoseph of NazarethPeter, apostle of JesusJohn the Baptist: prophetWar in the BibleAncient warfareBattle! Deborah & SiseraPsyWar: spooking the enemyDuels to the deathWhat was the Trojan Horse?Ancient weaponsAncient shieldsSwords and daggersWar chariotsHelmetsDavid’s deadly slingshotArmor in ancient warsBattering ramsBow & arrowBattle axesPictures of axesChariot horsesPrincessesBathsheba took a chanceJezebel, the ‘painted hussy’Queen of Sheba & SolomonMichal loved handsome DavidQueen Esther married a foolSarah, princess of her tribeSalome danced for HerodAthaliah, queen of JudahBasemath & Taphath, royalsMaacah, forgotten princessTamar, tragic rape victimMaacah II, beloved wife, exileRizpah, her sons murderedPrincess Tamar, rape victimHeroinesUpwardly mobile AbigailDeborah & Jael, giant-killers? Hannah, mistaken for a drunk Judith – deadly seductress!Mary Magdalene, apostleJesus’ mother Mary of NazarethMiriam, leader of women??Naomi: how to get a husband?Rachel, the beloved Rahab the prostituteFar-sighted Rebecca Loyal, clever RuthThe Samaritan WomanUnlikely HeroinesAnna?saw the Messiah? HYPERLINK "http://www.womeninthebible.net/women-bible-women/asenath/" Asenath of ancient Egypt?Dorcas/Tabitha raised?Elizabeth greeted the Messiah Huldah, the prophetess Joanna saw the Resurrection?Martha & Mary,?sisters??Noah’s patient wife??Peter’s mother-in-law??Prisca/Priscilla?Dorcas/Tabitha & Peter?The widow who gave all The eerie Witch of Endor?Zipporah circumcised her sonThe demon-woman Lilith Books of the BibleBook of AmosBook of EcclesiastesBook of GenesisBook of JudithBook of RevelationBook of TobitBook of ZephaniaCovenant with GodMeditation, prayerHow to meditate, prayTrust in GodBelief in GodFriendshipTough decisionsFor parentsGetting up againWhen life is unfairHope in GodParable of the seedsSearch the Site

What does the Bible say about the strong man? When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe; Luke 11:21-22 ESV / 2 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe; but when one stronger than he attacks him and overcomes him, he takes away his armor in which he trusted and divides his spoil.