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The seller must submit this notice to the MVR within 14 days from the date of sale. It must be signed by both the Seller and the Buyer.As the seller, you may still be responsible for the vehicle, including liability for any parking infringements and/or traffic offences (including demerit points where applicable). For your protection, send this Notice to the MVR legibly completed within 14 days from the date of sale. This Notice can also be used to advise MVR when a vehicle has been written-off, given/sold to wrecker, etc. An incomplete and illegible Notice of Disposal will not be accepted.All Sections must be completed in fullFormer Owner(s) Details – SellerSurname or Company/ Business NameGiven Name(s)Date of BirthLicence NumberState/Country of IssueContact NumberNew Owner(s) Details - BuyerSurname or Company/ Business NameGiven Name(s)Date of BirthLicence NumberState/Country of IssueACN/ABNContact NumberResidential AddressPostcodePostal AddressPostcodeEmail AddressVehicle Details Number PlateMakeModelSale Price or Market Value$Date of SaleColourEngine NumberVIN/ChassisDeclaration by Seller and BuyerI/We the undersigned declare that these details as so far as they relate to me/us to be true and correct.Seller(s) Signature (all owners must sign)Buyer(s) Signature (all buyers must sign)WarningUnder section 59 of the Stamp Duty Act 1978, persons who falsely declare the sale price and/or the market value of a vehicle are liable to a penalty not exceeding 50 penalty units. Persons who fail to submit a Notice of Disposal may be liable to a fine not exceeding, 15 penalty units for an individual (85 penalty units for a Company) or imprisonment for 6 months under the Motor Vehicles Act 1949. Privacy Statement The Registrar of Motor Vehicles collects and retains your personal information such as photographic images, biometric data, registration and licensing history under the provisions of the NT Motor Vehicles Act 1949. The information you provide may be disclosed to government, law enforcement and other bodies as required by Australian law. Your information is also supplied to NEVDIS for the purpose of national exchange of vehicle and driver information. Documents you provide may also be verified with the issuing authority through the Commonwealth Document Verification Service. All personal information is managed in accordance to information privacy principles under the NT Information Act 2002. For more information on privacy, go to the Office of the Information Commissioner website.Further informationRead more about selling a used vehicle on the NT Government websiteYou can submit your completed form in person at a MVR office or email to mvr@nt.gov.auEnd of form