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Matching Gifts
In 1954, the GE Foundation created the concept of a corporate matching
gift program to support employees in their personal philanthropy and
charitable giving by providing a one-to-one (1:1) monetary match. Since $6.2M gifts matched in 2021
then, many companies have started similar programs. Today, the GE
Foundation's Matching Gifts Program continues to serve as an important
element of the Foundation's portfolio, with gifts matched in 2021 totaling
$6.2 million. $1,536,144,938*
(* total Employee and GE Foundation
matching gifts since inception through
Visit the GE Foundation's Matching Gifts website--managed by CyberGrants, Inc.--to 2021)
learn more.
GE participants Non-profit participants Customer Support
GE employees: Charitable recipients: For Matching Gifts customer
Log in with your SSO ID and password Log in to verify gifts and update your support, call or email:
to register gifts, view your activity, and contact information. T (800) 305-0669
search for eligible organizations. Non-profit participants click here to log in.
E gesupport@cybergrants.com
Click here to log in. UK charities click here to log in.
Global charities click here to log in. For More Information
For more information on the
Matching Gifts program, please
The GE Foundation uses CyberGrants, Inc., to process matching gifts. Limited visit the FAQs or download the
information is provided to CyberGrants to enable verification of your eligibility full Guidelines.
to participate in the program. For active employees: GE-provided SSO ID, name,
GE business, work email and work location (city/state/country).
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