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New Process for License Renewal – BreEZe is here As a … - ca rn license renewal breeze

New Process for License Renewal – BreEZe is here As a …-ca rn license renewal breeze

New Process for License Renewal - BreEZe is here
As a service to our members, the Dental Board of California has given us
permission to provide you with the information about the new BreEZe system
launched on January 19, 2016. This is the new online system which will be used
by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) for all departments under the DCA
including the Dental Board of California.
This will include the applications and renewals for RDAs and RDHs. If you have
multiple licenses (RDA, RDH, OAP, RDAEF) will be able to track all the licenses
with one profile that you will create online, which will be linked via your SSN (so if
you have maiden name on one license/married name on another, they will be
To set up your profile and link it to your current license/s, go to
http://www.dbc.ca.gov. It is a pretty straightforward process (we tested it out).
The BreEZe system should work on most computers, laptops and tablets, but
may be problematic on smartphones. Payments can be made by multiple parties
and the billing address can be different than the person renewing.
RDA applicants will be asked to scan their documents and they will also be able
to track their application.
The advantage of using BreEZe is that anyone can renew 24/7 and the renewal
is instantaneous. License verification is also immediate. There is also no
convenience fee with doing renewals online.
All departments under the DCA will continue to send out paper notices 90 days in
advance for anyone who needs to renew and allow anyone to renew with a hard
copy and using the mail. However, this process will take longer (approximately 2
The DCA is now posting your Address of Record (AOR) for public view on the
website, when individuals are verifying your license. If a licensee does not wish
to have their address of record displayed on the Board's BreEZe license
verification website, you may email DAProgram@dca.ca.gov and request that
your address of record (AOR) be marked private. You will need to provide the
1 Complete name. First, Middle, Last (no middle initials)
2 RDA, OA, DSA and/or RDAEF and/or other license number/s
3 Last 4 of your SSN
4 Current phone number

How much to renew RN license CA?Vocational Nursing FeesExam – California School Graduate* $220.00*Exam – Equivalency/Non-California School Graduate* $250.00*Re-Examination Applications* $220.00*Interim Permit $20.00Initial License $220.00Biennial Renewal for 2 years** $225.00**Delinquent Fee $110.00Duplicate Wall Certificate (Duplicate pocket cards discontinued as of September 15, 2017) $25.00More items...


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