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Vol. 7 No. 2
California Writers Club Summer / 2021
Guest Editorial by Nancy Guarnera, Fremont Area Writers
Rusty LaGrange
The Ina Coolbrith Award is prestigious; it is only
awarded to those members considered worthy of recognition
Jack London for their commitment to volunteer service at the state level to
Awards all of the CWC and its Central Board. According to the CWC
website, the last time this award was presented was in 2018.
Every odd year, the CWC recognizes outstanding vol-
Honored Branch unteer service by an individual from each branch. The merit of
Members Receive the award reflects service and positive contribution to our
Peer Recognition writing community, independent of writing achievement. The
Jack London Award is considered one of the highest distinc-
The Bulletin is the official tions given to a member by the state organization and is cho-
publication of California sen by the members of the recipient's individual branch.
Writers Club, an educa- This year, 2021, Barbara "Rusty" LaGrange is the recipient of both the Ina Coolbrith
tional nonprofit 501(c)3 and the Jack London Awards for her years of dedicated service to the organization. She is a
corporation. Issue 17 member of the High Desert Branch.
e-edition circulation date The Ina Coolbrith Award is given to the recipient once in the member`s lifetime, in
August 2021. this case, honoring Rusty's dedication in producing a digital magazine, The Bulletin, which
CENTRAL BOARD shares news of the CWC's 22 branches three times a year. Ina Coolbrith, the first librarian of
President: Roger Lubeck California, helped young Jack London achieve his love of books and championed his writing
Vice President: Donna abilities. Coolbrith was also California's first poet laureate. Her home in the Bay Area was a
McCrohan Rosenthal popular salon for writers and artists in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Secretary: Elisabeth Tuck At the branch level, Rusty has edited her branch's newsletter, The Inkslinger, for ten
Treasurer: Constance
Hanstedt years, producing an exceptionally informative and visually exciting circular. She's active in
Member-at-Large: the Poemsmiths, a group of poets in the HDCWC, and helped promote the return of the
Jeanette Fratto Adult Poetry Division at the San Bernardino County Fair. For two years, Rusty was a team
Branches: 22 member of the HDCWC writers who taught writing workshops for inmates of the Federal
Correction Complex in Victorville, California. She is a self-published author and has written
California Writers Club for newspapers and magazines.
PO Box 201 Her other activities include the Lucerne Valley Museum board, her portable
Danville, CA 94526 Kid's "Touch It" museum, and enjoying retirement with Jeffrey, her husband of 40 years.
They have one adult daughter and four granddaughters.
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President's Meet Our New President
Corner Roger C. Lubeck, Ph.D.
Roger C. Lubeck
By way of background, I grew up in Grosse Pointe, a suburb of
Detroit, Michigan. I am one of four brothers. My father was the fea-
tures editor of the Detroit News. Books, television, plays and movies
were the family's bread and butter. Being a Detroiter, I am a motor-
I have a PhD in experimental psychology. For fifteen years I
was assistant professor at four universities. In 1992, I joined Corpo-
rate Behavior Analysts (CBA) in Chicago; a consulting firm specializ-
ing in leadership and management training. I was CBA's president
from 1997 to 2015. During that time, I co-authored with Christopher
Hanson two business books published in 2011 and 2014.
Moving from Illinois to California, I joined the Redwood Writers
in 2013. Since joining I have written nine novels and published seven.
Seven of my short stories and half a dozen poems have been pub-
lished, plus a story in the Literary Review, a short play that was produced, and a story
produced for a readers' theater.
In addition, I served as an editor on ten anthologies and editor-in-chief on Untold
Stories in 2016 and I served for five years on the Redwood board as Member, Vice
President, President, and Immediate Past President. This year, I will be honored as one
of the recipients of the Jack London award for service to the club.
I consider these accomplishments as evidence of the impact that Redwood Writ-
ers and the California Writers' Club has had on my writing and life. For me, "Writers
Helping Writers" is more than a motto.
At the board meeting in July, I outlined my goals and vision. My primary goal is
to grow club membership. Growth, not only in number of new and renewing members,
but growth in the depth of writers in the 22 branches.
My vision is for the Club to be not only one of the oldest writers' clubs in the US
but to be recognized as one of the best writers' clubs. I want CWC members to be rec-
ognized for their achievements. To that end, I plan to develop a system to track,
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The Bulletin
Since December 2008
California Writers
Club digital news
Bob Isbill Sandy Lynn Moffett ~ Submissions Manager Rusty LaGrange
CWC Advertising & Membership Chair ~ Writers of Kern Editor-in Chief,
Promotions, State Membership Chair ~ CWC Graphic Artist
High Desert
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President's message continued
recognize, and reward members for their development as writers and their literary achievements in terms of pub-
lications and awards. The recognition will be done in the branches and by the CWC.
I would like to see the CWC offer or sponsor several statewide speakers or workshops for all members on
Zoom. Also, I am committed to developing a new system to help the club recruit, renew, track, and report on
branch members; an MRMS 2.
My role is to promote and support a reenergizing, a revitalization, and a renewal of the club's branches
and members.
I have set a personal objective to use Zoom to meet with all the CWC reps and the presidents and boards
of all the branches. Where possible, I plan to attend at least one meeting in every branch, either in Zoom or
physically. I want to listen to boards and members to develop new and innovative programs within the club.
Finally, I encourage all of our boards, branches, and members to take seriously the threat posed by
COVID-19. Writing might be a solitary job, but writers love to socialize and talk about the craft and their achieve-
ments. The California Writers Club is the ideal forum for writers gathering together and helping one another. In
doing so, we must follow state and county requirements and be guided by the science. We want all of our mem-
bers to have a safe environment where they can celebrate being writers.
To our Jack London Awardees
First of all, congratulations to the Honorees, and thank you for your contributions as a volunteer to
your branch!
We know many of you are curious as to our plans for this year's Jack London Awards ceremony,
especially as we emerge from the lengthy pandemic shutdown. At this point, our intentions are to hold an
in-person luncheon and awards ceremony on Sunday, October 17, at the Holiday Inn at the Oakland air-
port. You long-timers with CWC may recall that past celebrations have taken place in July. We're moving
it to October this year to give us all plenty of time to make sure an in-person gathering will be feasible
and safe, and to coincide with California Writers Week.
What do you need to do now?
If you're an Honoree: Save the date! Sunday, October 17, 2021, 12:00 to approximately 1:30 p.m. at
the Holiday Inn at the Oakland airport. Watch your email and snail mail as the time grows closer for
exact details. The lunch is complimentary for the honoree and you are welcome to purchase addi-
tional lunches for family and friends.
If you're a Central Board Rep: Save the date! Sunday, October 17, 2021, 12:00 to approximately 1:30
p.m. at the Holiday Inn at the Oakland airport. A short CB meeting will immediately follow the lunch-
eon. Because this event includes a CB meeting, CWC will reimburse your travel expenses per the usu-
al policy in the PnP.
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