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December 2022 Forms Release Quick Summary - car sale agreement form pdf

December 2022 Forms Release Quick Summary -car sale agreement form pdf

December 2022 Forms Release
Quick Summary
This chart is a quick summary of the new and revised standard forms scheduled for release the
week of December 19, 2022. For further information, please refer to the C.A.R. web page at:
Forms-Release. Please note that this list is subject to change.
Form Form Name Replaces Brief description of form or how the form OK to
Code was revised use
Paragraph 3E(1) and (2) changed language so that
there is no default for points. Minor reformatting.
Paragraph 3G(3): New optional paragraph for buyer to
use to ask for seller to pay for buyer's broker.
Paragraph 3M(3): Refers to units occupied by persons
other than seller. Last column contains advisory to
seller to add TOPA in a counter offer if tenant or other
occupant and buyer did not check box to add the form.
Paragraph 7A: New language provides that the unit
Buyer intends to occupy to be vacant at time of
possession. Buyer to identify which unit if more than
RPA Residential Purchase 6/22 Paragraph 9B(2): Window coverings include hardware Yes
Agreement and Joint and rods.
Escrow Instructions Paragraph 11M: New paragraph requires seller to give
buyer known information about any solar system. New
form SOLAR may be used.
Paragraph 12B(3): Paragraph making review of seller
documents part of buyer investigation removed.
Review of seller documents is its own contingency in
Paragraph 23: Added language requiring parties to
notify escrow of an assignment. Added language that a
nominee will be treated the same as an assignee.
Agent Signature lines in Real Estate Broker Section:
Includes address, email and phone for each brokerage.
Allows each broker to identify as a designated
electronic delivery address the email or phone identified
above or an alternate by checking the appropriate box.
This form replaces the Exclusive Buyer Representation
Agreement (BRE), the Non-Exclusive Buyer
Representation Agreement (BRNE), and the Non-
Exclusive, Not-for-Compensation Buyer Representation
Agreement (BRNN). The new form does NOT have a
not for compensation option.
Paragraph 1: Unlike the listing agreement which ends
on a date certain, the buyer representation period lasts
BRBC Buyer Representation and N/A for the number of days specified. New
Broker Compensation Paragraph 4B(1): The form defaults to non-exclusive
Agreement representation, meaning that the broker is only entitled
to be paid if the buyer purchases a property for which
there was "Broker Involvement."
Paragraph 4B(2): This optional paragraph creates an
exclusive representation, meaning that the broker is
entitled to be paid if the buyer purchases a property
during the representation period, with or without the
broker's help.
Paragraph 4C: This paragraph allows either buyer or
Broker to cancel the agreement. .
Paragraph 4D(1): This paragraph retains the language
from the previous buyer representation contracts that
credits against the buyer's compensation obligation any
payment that the buyer's broker receives from the
seller's broker or seller.
Paragraph 4D(3): This paragraph authorizes the broker
to include a term in the offer asking the seller to pay the
buyer's broker (see RPA paragraph 3G(3).
Paragraph 4F: This paragraph obligates the buyer's
broker to disclose to the buyer the compensation the
broker expects to obtain from others on any particular
property, and to also disclose to the buyer the final
compensation the broker actually receives.
This is a three-part form. Part 1 advises the buyer that
seller's payment of compensation, direct to a buyer's
broker or indirectly through the seller's broker may
ABCD Anticipated Broker N/A impact the price the seller will accept, and that the New
Compensation Disclosure buyer's broker will disclose on a property-by-property
basis the compensation promised broker through the
MLS or elsewhere. Part 3 is where the buyer's broker
discloses the final compensation received. .
This form is bundled with the BRBC and gives a buyer
BTA Buyer Transactional N/A more information about an agent's responsibilities, and New
Advisory those things a buyer needs to take care of.
This is a 2-part form. Part 1 is where the buyer or
broker gives notice of cancellation to the other. A
signature is required in Part 1 below paragraph 2.
Paragraph 3 of the form identifies the compensation
that would be due the buyer's broker. A reverts back to
the BRBC form and applies to any applicable property
COBR Cancellation of Buyer N/A purchased or only those for which there was broker New
Representation involvement, which can be identified in 3A(2). Other
compensation options include, just expenses incurred
(3B), broker receiving a referral fee (3C), broker getting
paid from the seller (3D), or no compensation at all
This form would be used at the termination of the buyer
NBIP Notice of Broker Involved N/A representation period if a protection period was New
Properties provided, or within 5 days after either buyer or broker
cancels the BRBC.
If 3G(3) in the RPA is checked, this form will be used to
SPBB Seller Payment for Buyer's N/A identify the amount of compensation the buyer is asking New
Broker the seller to pay the buyer's broker. The buyer's broker
will not receive double payment. .
The word "Owner" has been replaced throughout by the
phrase "Rental Property Owner" (paragraph 1). The
owner disclosure paragraph has been replaced by the
RPO's agreement to complete a Rental Property Owner
Disclosure (new C.A.R. form RPOD. Optional
6/21 paragraph added to provide broker compensation if the No
LL Lease Listing Agreement tenant acquires the property during the term of the
tenancy (paragraph 3E). Paragraph 4A makes explicit
whether tenant's initial payments are to go to the RPO
or broker. An indemnity paragraph was added to be
consistent with the Property Management Agreement.
Entity signatures allowed directly on form.
The word "Owner" has been replaced throughout by the
PMA Property Management 6/17 phrase "Rental Property Owner" (paragraph 1). Allows No
Agreement termination by either party for cause at any time
(paragraph 1B(2)). The owner disclosure paragraph
has been replaced by the RPO's agreement to
complete a Rental Property Owner Disclosure (new
C.A.R. form RPOD) (paragraph 4B). Certain ongoing
payments such as property taxes, mortgage payment,
HOA dues, property insurance and utilities to be paid
by RPO unless broker box checked (paragraph
3GExpanded indemnification clause but excluding
property manager willful misconduct or gross
negligence (paragraph 4C). If RPO fails to obtain
liability insurance, Property manager may do so and
charge RPO (paragraph 4F). Optional compensation
clauses include pre-litigation fee, onboarding fee,
cancellation fee, and file closing fee (paragraph 7).
Each party to pay their own attorney fees (paragraph
11). Optional right of property manager to modify PMA
on 30-day's notice, with RPO right to object and cancel
without cancellation fee (paragraph 14).
This new form is formatted like an SPQ for a Rental
Property Owner. The RPOD asks about the owner's
knowledge for 8 statutory disclosures (such as pest
control and lead-based paint and death on the property)
RPOD Rental Property Owner N/A (paragraph 4) and 19 non-statutory disclosures (such New
Disclosure as pets, parking, permits, and bed bugs) (paragraph 5).
It is for purposes of advising a property manager or
lease listing agent of the property condition. It is not
intended for delivery to a tenant.
Defines Rental Property Owner, Authorized Broker or
Agent, or Property Manager collectively as "Housing
Provider" because it is possible for any of them to sign
the agreement and trying to get away from the use of
word "landlord" which has a negative connotation. .
RLMM Residential Lease or Month Previously Added language about the limits on accepting multiple No
to Month Rental Agreement form LR rental payments in advance (paragraph 5). Added a
revision warning to tenant to remove photos and other valuable
12/21 that tenant would not want to be seen in photos or
videos of the premises posted online for marketing
purposes (paragraph 20A).
This form can be used to provide a designated
DEDA Designated Electronic N/A electronic address for delivery of documents in case the New
Delivery Address fields were left blank in the RPA, or to change the
Amendment address(es) provided in the RPA.
The Move in/Move Out form (MIMO) has been
MIMO bifurcated into two forms, one for move-in and another
renamed Move In and Move Out 11/07 for move-out. Each item listed presumed to be No
to MII Inspection satisfactory, but can be designated as new or other, in
and MOI which case an explanation may be provided, or not
applicable. Each fillable field will be a text overflow
field and allow for the attachment of photos.
Being reformatted to be consistent with new MIMO
PMOI Pre-Moveout Inspection 4/03 approach. PMOI also including language to allow for No
Statement return of security deposit and statement regarding use
of security deposit to be made electronically.
Notice of Right to Including language to allow for return of security
NRI Inspection Prior to 11/12 deposit and statement regarding use of security deposit No
Termination of Tenancy to be made electronically.
Added the word "Lease" so form applies both to lease
and rental applications. Defines Rental Property
LRA Application to Lease or 12/19 Owner, Authorized Broker or Agent, or Property No
Rent/ Screening Fee Manager collectively as "Housing Provider." Screening
fee section II includes information about the property
address, rental amount and proposed move-in date for

What is a car sale agreement? This agreement should clearly state: The responsibilities of both the buyer and seller —and what each is NOT responsible for. Full names and addresses of both buyer and seller. Full description of the vehicle. Buyer's acknowledgement of the car's “as is" status. Signatures of all parties involved.