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Your Benefits Resources is a trademark of Hewitt Associates … - caterpillar hewitt benefits resources

Your Benefits Resources is a trademark of Hewitt Associates …-caterpillar hewitt benefits resources

Action RequiReD --
oPen immeDiAteLy!
The annual open enrollment period for
your 2012 Alcatel-Lucent health and Look inside for important information
welfare benefits coverage is: regarding your medical plan coverage for 2012.
November 7, 2011 -
November 18, 2011
For Participants in the Active Represented Design or
Formerly Represented Retiree Plan Design
Alcatel-Lucent Benefits Center - L7544 New Brunswick, NJ
100 Half Day Road PERMIT NO. 1826
P.O. Box 1495
Lincolnshire, IL 60069-1495
Your Benefits Resources is a trademark of Hewitt Associates LLC.
BE READY... The annual open enrollment period is approaching.
Take a few minutes to prepare by reading this newsletter.
mark your calendar Remember:
The annual open enrollment period for your 2012 Benefits center representatives will not be able
Alcatel-Lucent health and welfare benefits coverage starts to answer questions about your 2012 benefits
monday, november 7, 2011 at 9:00 a.m., eastern time (et), until november 7, 2011. Please do not call the
and ends Friday, november 18, 2011 at 5:00 p.m., et. Alcatel-Lucent Benefits center with questions
Late enrollments, or enrollments before the annual open about your plan options and pricing until then.
enrollment period begins, will not be accepted.
See your coverage options and costs Aetna Point of Service (PoS)
two Weeks Before Annual open enrollment Participants: new carrier for 2012
new Feature on the your Benefits Resourcestm (yBR) Web Site In an effort to manage healthcare
Now you will not have to wait to receive your annual open costs and simplify administration,
enrollment materials to see your personalized health and we have selected UnitedHealthcare
welfare benefits coverage options and costs. Beginning Monday, to be the sole POS carrier for 2012.
October 24, 2011 through Friday, November 4, 2011, this means that if you do not take
you will be able to preview your 2012 coverage options and any action during the annual open enrollment
costs on the YBR Web site at http://resources.hewitt.com period, you and your dependent(s) currently
/alcatel-lucent. Please note: While you will be able to enrolled in the Aetna PoS option will be
preview your coverage options and costs, you will not be automatically enrolled in the unitedHealthcare
able to enroll or make changes to your coverage until the PoS option for 2012. The plan design is the same
annual open enrollment period begins on November 7, 2011. and most of the providers in the Aetna network
are also in the UnitedHealthcare network.
What you should do:
? Log in to the yBR Web site between october 24, 2011 What you can do now:
and november 4, 2011 to preview your personalized ? if your doctor does not participate in the
coverage options and costs. you will need your yBR unitedHealthcare network, you will need
password. (See below for more details about your to search for an in-network doctor for 2012
yBR password.) in order to receive in-network benefits.
you may also see a doctor outside of the
unitedHealthcare network and receive
yBR Password needed out-of-network benefits. you can search
for a new doctor on the unitedHealthcare
Remember: You will need your YBR password Web site: www.myuhc.com; choose
to access your personalized benefits information "unitedHealthcare choice Plus." (if you live
and enroll. If you do not remember your password, in maine, massachusetts or new Hampshire,
you can request a new one through the YBR Web choose "Harvard Pilgrim choice Plus.")
site. It can be sent to you by e-mail, if you previously you may also call unitedHealthcare at
added your e-mail address to the YBR Web site, or by 1-800-577-8539.
U.S. mail. Through the mail, it may take up to 10 days
to receive your password.
If you do not have Internet access and need to change
Alcatel-Lucent Benefits center Hours
your password or request a new one, call the Alcatel-Lucent The Alcatel-Lucent Benefits Center
Benefits Center at 1-888-232-4111. When you call, you will is open Monday through Friday
be asked to identify yourself by entering the last four digits from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., ET.
of your Social Security Number, your date of birth and your Remember: You can visit the YBR
password (which you can then change or request). You may Web site during the annual open enrollment
be asked for your ZIP code, too. period to see your personalized benefits
coverage options and costs, and to enroll or
make changes to your coverage.

What is the caterpillar enrollment brochure? ENROLLING IN YOUR CATERPILLAR BENEFITS This brochure includes an overview of your Caterpillar health and welfare benefits, as well as things to consider as you review your options. Some of this information may affect your enrollment decisions, so please read this brochure carefully. Welcome to Caterpillar!