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Your Retirement Guide
A step-by-step checklist
You're Retiring Soon
Congratulations! Retirement is a big step.
You'll be asked to make many important decisions about your Arconic
benefits and your financial security over the next few weeks and
months. This easy-to-use guide takes you step by step through the
Arconic retirement process. It also gives you information about some
of the other things you need to know, do, and consider to make sure
that your retirement starts off right.
How to Get Started
Just call 1-844-9ARCONIC (844-927-2664) and enter the last four digits
of your Social Security number, enter your date of birth, choose the
"retirement" option, and, when prompted, enter your PIN. You'll be
transferred to a Retirement Specialist. That specialist will be your single
point of contact for the entire process, and he or she will work with
you--using this guide--? until you retire. Your Retirement Specialist's job
is to make the process easy, convenient, and hassle free--and to make
sure that you retire with peace of mind.
Note: If your Retirement Specialist isn't available when you call, another
specialist can provide an update for you or schedule a time for your
Retirement Specialist to return your call.
While you're able to estimate your projected retirement benefit at any
time before you actually begin the retirement process, plan to start the
retirement process 90 days before you want to retire. This will give
both you and Arconic enough time to get everything in place for a
smooth transition.
Working With Your Retirement Specialist
Retirement specialists understand how important your retirement
decisions are. They'll take all of your benefit elections over the phone,
help you complete and return any required paperwork, and help you
How to choose a retirement date that maximizes the benefits you'll
receive from Arconic;
What your benefit options are;
T he forms and information you'll receive in the mail about
ARCONIC4U your benefits;
1-844-9ARCONIC The topics you may want to discuss with a financial and/or
(844-927-2664) tax advisor for your retirement savings;
Representatives are available
Monday through Friday How to begin your Social Security and Medicare benefits,
(9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. if applicable; and
Eastern Time). What action steps you need to take and when.
UPoint is available 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week, at: TIP: REMEMBER TO REPORT ADDRESS CHANGES.
http://resources.hewitt.com/arconic After you retire, don't forget to let Arconic know when your address
except on Sundays between changes. To report an address change, visit the UPoint Web site
12:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at http://resources.hewitt.com/arconic or call 1-844-9ARCONIC
Eastern Time. (844-927-2664) and ask to speak with a representative. You'll need
to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number, your date
of birth, and password.
Online Tools and Information
If you like using the Internet, visit the UPoint Web site at
http://resources.hewitt.com/arconic for detailed, personalized
information about your Arconic benefits and easy-to?-use modeling
tools that will help you make decisions about your benefit options.
You can even complete the entire retirement process online, if you
DEPOSIT AND want to, without the assistance of a Retirement Specialist. Of course,
DIRECT DEBIT. you may call a Retirement Specialist at any time if you need help.
Direct deposit makes receiving
retirement plan payments easy TIP: REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD.
and convenient. Direct debit For your security, you'll need to enter the last four digits of your
gives you a hassle-free way Social Security number, date of birth, and password to work with a
to pay any required premiums. Retirement Specialist or access personalized information or modeling
To set up direct deposit or tools on the UPoint Web site. If you don't know your password, visit
direct debit, have your bank http://resources.hewitt.com/arconic or call 1-844-9ARCONIC
or other account information (844-927-2664) to request a new one. Don't forget your
available as you work through Social Security number and password--you'll need them
the retirement process. to call or log on after you've retired, too.

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