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Ice Breaker - Personality Types - characteristics of type a personality

Ice Breaker - Personality Types-characteristics of type a personality

Ice Breaker - Personality Types
Objective: To encourage participants to relax and to introduce the concept that people
differ in important ways.
Materials Required: Cut outs of the Geometric shapes.
Time Limit: About 5 minutes.
How it works:
Distribute a copy of four geometric shapes. (Square, Triangle, Diamond & Circle). Direct
each participant to select the one that best represents his/her personality. Ask for a show
of hands to determine how many selected each of the shapes. Then proceed (with great
seriousness) to suggest that extensive research has shown the following characteristics to
be associated with each shape:
1. Square: This person is intellectual, objective, rational, and a good decision maker.
2. Triangle: This person is steady, dependable, conservative, and has perseverance.
3. Diamond: This person is dissatisfied with the status quo, believes in no-nonsense
behaviour, and tends to be a risk-taker.
4. Circle: This person is strongly preoccupied with the thought of chocolates. (This
interpretation will invariably evoke a solid round of laughter.)
Discussion Questions:
1. In what ways are people really different?
2. Is it possible to categorize people by such a "test"?
3. What are the dangers of stereotyping people?

What traits does a type a personality have? Type A personality traits tend to be overly competitive and perfectionists. If their needs in time management aren’t met, this can often make the person hostile and aggressive. Furthermore, a type a personality can be susceptible to heart attacks.