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Checkpoint Quick Reference Card - Thomson Reuters - checkpoint ppc install update

Checkpoint Quick Reference Card - Thomson Reuters-checkpoint ppc install update

Logging in to Checkpoint
1. Launch your browser and enter the Checkpoint address in the browser location bar:
The Checkpoint Login screen appears.
NOTE: Bookmark this page or add it to your Favorites so you will not have to retype
the URL every time you want to access Checkpoint.
2. Enter your User Name and Password, and then click Login.
The Checkpoint screen that appears depends on the Login and Search Practice Area
settings in the General Settings Options.
NOTE: You can use your user name and password to open only one Checkpoint
session at a time. Select the Save Name/Password check box to save your login
information. You will not be prompted to enter your User Name and Password on
future Checkpoint sessions.
Ending a Session Remotely
Checkpoint does not permit multiple logins with the same User ID. If you are logged
into Checkpoint on another machine or browser and attempt to login, Checkpoint will provide an
option for you to close the original session and continue the login process.
For support, go to http://support.checkpoint.tr.com, or call 800.431.9025.
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Using the Home Screen
The Home screen provides quick links to Checkpoint tools and documents, access to current
news of interest to Checkpoint subscribers, updates related to Checkpoint features and content,
and easy access to training and support. You can change the content and customize the features
as needed.
Choose from several Home screen views that organize content by practice area. Each
view's layout and content can be modified to match your preferences. Create your own
view consisting of selected content panes.
My Quick Links provides quick access to frequently used areas of Checkpoint. You can
tailor My Quick Links to your specific needs by modifying the list to reflect your areas of
interest and frequent use.
The Support & Product Training links make it easy to access instructor-led and self-
study product training, user guides and other reference materials, support and training
Checkpoint - Quick Reference - 2
news, support contact information and Checkpoint user options.
Keep up-to-date with news and product developments. Consult Today's Headlines for
links to current news. Review New in My Subscription to learn about new features and
enhancements specific to your version of Checkpoint.
Use Home screen features to display the results of Scheduled Searches, ongoing
citation tracking (Track It) and proposed legislation being followed (Follow It).
Enter your keyword in the Quick Search box and click Search to perform a keyword
search. You can perform a keyword search in two ways: Intuitive Search recognizes
questions, common phrases, connectors, or citations, and interprets your query
accordingly to retrieve the most relevant results, including relevant variations. Terms &
Connectors will limit your search to the exact words you typed, without any variations.
The search AutoComplete feature will suggest keywords as you type in the field.
You can also perform a Quick Search on a predefined source set you create by selecting
from the Choose Source Set drop-down list.
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