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1. Your CI will approve your topic choice and help you with ideas.
2. Powerpoint is available in all inservice areas; please let the inservice coordinator know if you have any other special needs a minimum of one week prior to your inservice.
3. Your presentation should be evidenced based and references should be available at your inservice.
4. The title and your objectives should be given to the inservice coordinator as soon as possible, but no later than one week prior to your inservice. It is best to start thinking of ideas immediately. Your topic of choice should be pertinent to the type of patients you are treating during your time with us.
5. You should have at least 3 objectives and they should be stated at the beginning of the presentation. One of the objectives should state how the information is related to other disciplines. (You may want to explain how each discipline can use the information you are providing.)
6. You should be aware of and stay within the allotted timeframe. You may ask someone to act as a designated timekeeper prior to your presentation.
7. We will make every effort to schedule your presentation for a week as close as possible to the end of your affiliation here. You will receive written notice of the exact date, time and location.
8. Your CI will send out a reminder to the staff regarding your presentation to assure good attendance and communication.

What are the education requirements for a CNA? Wyoming CNA Certification Requirements Complete a state-approved CNA training program Send application and fingerprint cards to the Wyoming State Board of Nursing Sit for and pass the CNA skills exam via Prometric