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Sing a Rainbow in sign languageYear 1 EnglishAustralian curriculum Learning objectivesACELA1443 Understand that people use different systems of communication to cater to different needs and purposes and that many people may use sign systems to communicate to others.ACELY1645 Recognising the meaning of symbols in everyday contexts, for example exit signs, logos, hearts and flowers on greeting cards.Resources requiredSing a Rainbow captioned online video and facilities to watch it. (Duration: 1:30 minutes.) NB: video can only be played with captions in current screen mode, i.e. not on Full Screen. Video will not play on smartphones or tablets.Auslan Signbank website and colours red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue and rainbow. NB: the signs used in the videos are based on NSW signs. If you wish to change the signs, please select a different number tab from the sign information that corresponds with your state or territory. Everyday signsLesson outcome: Students learn a number of Auslan signs for different colours and gain an understanding of a different community language. Lesson outline:Explain to students that generally we communicate with each other through spoken word, and that in Australia our official spoken language is English. You may wish to take a poll and ask the class if anyone speaks another language at home. Besides the spoken word, there are other ways to communicate. Explain to the class that some people communicate by using their hands. This is called sign language and it’s mainly used by people who can’t hear, but anyone can use it. Like the spoken word, sign language can have different languages and in Australia we use Auslan. Ask the students if they are familiar with the song Sing a Rainbow and explain that they will be learning some Auslan signs so they can sign and sing at the same time. Play the video to ensure familiarity. Using the Auslan Signbank, show the students the signs for each colour and the word ‘rainbow’. Divide the class into seven groups and allocate one colour to each group. Replay the colour videos with each group learning the colour sign plus the word ‘rainbow’. Replay the video for Sing a Rainbow and have students join in the song while signing the colours as groups and the word ‘rainbow’ as a class. Lastly, ask class to join as one to sing and sign the entire song. Opportunity for further activityDescribe to the class how other forms of sign can convey a message without spoken word. Using the everyday signs printed out (or showing online) explain how street signs such as, ‘Stop’ and ‘One Way’; wayfaring signs such as, ‘Exit’, ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’; and amenity signs, such as male and female figures for public bathrooms all convey messages. homework/extensionAs a homework activity ask the class to spot a sign they see on the way home and tell the class about it the next day. Take a tally of the different types of signs the students see to stress that different types of communication are around us all the time.

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