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Small Business Checking Fee Schedule
myBusiness Checking myBusiness Select Checking Small Business OptionsSM Checking
Minimum Deposit to Open $100 $100 $100
Normal Monthly Service Charge $5 $9 $25
Maintain total deposit balances3
Small business owner has an $2,500 minimum daily of $25,000 OR Maintain total loan
Normal Service Charge Waived if: open qualifying personal balance2 OR maintain total deposit balances4 of $25,000 OR Maintain total
checking account1 balances3 of $5,000 combined deposit and loan balances4
of $40,000
Transaction Charges5
Debits/Credits/Deposited Items 25 FREE Total 150 FREE Total 300 FREE Total
Additional Items 50? per item 50? per item 50? per item
Business Visa? Debit Card FREE FREE FREE
Small Business Online Banking FREE FREE FREE
FREE Cash Deposits Up to $5,000 total per cycle Up to $10,000 total per cycle Up to $20,000 total per cycle
Statement Choices
Account Statement Monthly Cycle Monthly Cycle Monthly Cycle
Paper Statements $5 per month $5 per month $5 per month
Other Services*** Additional Business Services
Balance Checkbook/Account $25 per hour (min Dormant Account6 $8 per month Business Debit Card
Research $12.50) Business Loans
International ACH
Cash Deposits 15? per $100 Debits $3.50 each Business Rewards Card
Credits $3.50 each CashFlow Complete
Cashier's Check - Customer $8 each
Cashier's Check - Non-customer $10 each Overdraft Transfer Fee $13 each Health Savings Accounts
Merchant Card Processing
Money Orders $5 each Returned Deposited Item $11 per item Online Services
ATM Transaction Charge: Statement Ordered (Additional) $7 each Remote Deposit
Withdrawal, Transfer, Balance
Inquiry Stop Payment $36 each
Commerce Bank ATM Network Free Stop Payment via Online Banking $30 each
Non-Commerce Bank ATM $2.95 per transaction
Wire Transfer
Check Copies $3.50 per item Incoming $13 each
Outgoing $40 each
Collection Items $20 per item USD International $60 each
Foreign Currency International $45 each
Overdraft/Insufficient Funds $36 per item
MK1914 9.22
Savings Accounts
Account Type and Eligibility Business Savings Business Money Market Account
? All Business Types ? All Business Types
? Not-For-Profit? ? Not-For-Profit?
? Governmental ? Governmental
Minimum Deposit to Open $100 $1,000
Normal Monthly Service Charge $3 per monthly cycle $10 per monthly cycle
Transaction Charge ? First 3 monthly withdrawals: Free ? 20? per deposited item after 20 per month
? Four or more: $1 each
Minimum Balance to Avoid $300 daily balance OR $25 monthly electronic deposit* $10,000 (Average collected)
Normal Service Charge
? Interest is compounded on a daily basis and is credited ? Interest is compounded on a monthly cycle basis and
to your account on the last business day of every month. is credited to your account at the end of the monthly
Interest Earned ? You must maintain a minimum collected balance of $100 statement cycle.
in the account each day to obtain the disclosed annual ? When your collected balance is greater than
percentage yield.** Interest does not accrue on days $10,000, you may earn a higher rate of interest.**
your ending collected balance is less than $100.
Account Statement ? Quarterly Statements ? Monthly Cycle
? Paper Statements: $5 per quarter ? Paper Statements: $5 per month
The following terms apply to all Savings Accounts, including Money Market Accounts: * Daily balance refers to the ending ledger balance in the
- The interest rate and annual percentage yield may change at our discretion at any time. account each day. You must maintain the minimum
- Commerce Bank reserves the right to assess a fee for uncollected funds usage and overdrafts. daily balance every day of the monthly cycle.
- If you close your account before interest is credited, you will not receive the accrued interest. ** Collected balance includes deposits of cash and
- Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day we receive credit for the deposit of non- checks drawn on Commerce Bank and non-cash items
cash items (i.e. checks). (i.e. checks) for which we have received credit in
- We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a accordance with the availability schedule of the Federal
daily periodic rate to the ending collected balance in the account each day. Reserve Bank, local clearinghouse or correspondent
- Ledger balance includes all deposits of cash and non-cash items (i.e. checks) on the business day bank.
we receive the deposit.
- Pre-authorized or automatic transfers or withdrawals from the account, including telephone ? This fee schedule does not apply to unincorporated
transfers and third party checks, are limited by law to six per statement cycle. Transfers between associations of natural persons for non-business
accounts of the depositor in person or by mail and withdrawals in person are unlimited. purposes (i.e. softball teams, book clubs, investment
clubs, etc.) For this type of account, see our fee
schedule for personal accounts.
Commerce Bank is prohibited from processing restricted transactions through your business account under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006. We reserve the
right to deny authorization requests from online gambling merchants, whether or not online gambling is illegal in the state in which you reside.
1 The following personal checking accounts are eligible: Commerce Free Checking, CommerceBasic Checking, CommerceInterest Checking, CommerceRelationship
Checking, Benefits Banking Select, Premium, or Private Options.
2 Daily balance means the ending ledger balance in the account each day. You must maintain the minimum daily balance every day of the monthly cycle.
3 For myBusiness Select, total deposit balance may include business and personal checking, savings, and money market balances. For Small Business OptionsSM, total
deposit balance may include business and personal checking, savings, money market, CDs, and consumer IRA balances. Qualifying balances determined by using the
final daily balance on the Checking account statement date each month.
4 Total loan balance may include outstanding balances in business loans, personal installment loans, home equity loans and home equity credit lines.
5 These transactions include paper and domestic electronic (ACH) debits, credits and deposited items, and Online Bill Pay-generated checks and ACH debits. Additional
transactions are $0.50 each. The Business Visa Debit Card product is free, and the purchase transactions made with the card do not count towards the account's
transaction limits.
6 If your checking account has no activity for 12 consecutive months it will be considered dormant and assessed an $8 monthly fee, regardless of your balance.
*** All fees are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may be charged for additional services.

Can I deposit payroll checks into my Commerce Savings Account?Direct Deposit of payroll or federal government checks can be made into your Commerce Savings or Checking Accounts for convenience and to earn interest immediately. Online Banking is a quick, easy, and smart way to manage your finances.