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Creating A Campus That Owns Admissions Infographic (800 × …-companies disney owns infographic

Creating A Campus That
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Adapted from questions asked and answered during a ValueBased.com webinar
featuring Dr. Al Cureton, President at the University of Northwester-St. Paul.
When you oversaw enrollment, was there
Q1 anything you wished your President had done to
support a culture of "Admissions Readiness" or
"everyone owns Admissons"?
Be The Champion - Presidents would stress that enrollment
belongs all over campus--everybody needs to "own" this.
Be A Part Of Recruiting Process - Presidents would stop and talk
to students on tours, ask questions, and get out of the office.
Create A Realistic Culture - Promise realistic goals and reach them
--don't promise "pie in the sky" and then fail to achieve. That
enables us to have trust and confidence in each other.
It Starts At The Top - You create trust by the relationships you
build at the top and then make sure it trickles all the way down.
Make The Hard Decisions - It's our responsibility to make the hard Q2
decision to let people go when it's not working out.
When it comes to enrollment--how important is
it to have your missions statement and campus
ethos aligned across campus?
It's critically important that the President and the VP of Enrollment
work together to make sure there is an alignment. This is also why it's
important for the Chief Enrollment Officer have a seat at the table,
right next to the Provost or the Chief Student Affairs Officer, and that
it's a team approach to ensure Enrollment matches the Mission, which
drives everything and it needs to match the ethos of the campus.
Q3 What is the President's role and responsibility
in initiating and reinforcing the "All In"
campus attitude?
Reflect Commitment To An "All In" Culture - President's need to
reflect a commitment to empower the rest of the campus to buy-
Establish Expectations Up Front - Set the expectations up front to
all new hires: We're in this together--we're tuition-driven. We all
benefit from this.
Take Advantage Of Strengths/Skills - Equip different personalities
with questions and tasks that maximize their gifts and strengths.
Share Data - Share who is coming, who is not (and why) to learn
from the situation, etc. The data doesn't lie! Then each department
sees the correlation--particularly over history--and feels the need Q4
to do something about it.
How much, and what kind, of data do you
recommend to launch, manage, and monitor the
success that prioritizes enrollment campus-wide?
All of it! The transparency cuts through any established silos...there's
always some place we can learn. Or possibly salvage one or more.
When we say "Everyone" does that include
people who answer the phones and mow the
YES! We try to encourage EVERYONE, across the board--whether
it would be someone in the library, Student Life, Support Services,
groundskeepers--to understand they have an opportunity to have
a significant impact on students. And they want that!
It's a part of everyone's responsibility to make sure students have
a positive experience. Q6
How do you gain the attention and/or buy-in
from Faculty?
1.We're In This Together - You can't teach if there are no students
here. You are the heart and soul of this institution. Alumni will
always say that their relationships with faculty were the most
important/impactful thing that happened to them at the institution.
2.It's Not A Job, It's a Calling - (Most) Faculty are at the institution
because they want to be --because they are drawn to the Mission.
Those are the individuals you want to capture to have a part of
the recruiting process.
3.Everyone Has A Role/Impact - Even faculty who are just not
comfortable with the recruiting process, there's still an opportunity
for them to make an impact...even if it's a simple follow up note.
(Maximize everyone's gifts and strengths.)
4.Go Back To The Data - It's hard to argue with the stats and trends.
How do you see the differences between the
role of the President and the directors of
A President wants the enrollment officer to drive enrollment BUT...
The President must realize that he/she is the Chief Enrollment
The President must also give the enrollment officer every tool they
need to succeed and then come alongside them to help.
Can you give examples of ways you affirm or
reinforce the different departments and their Q8
involvement in enrollment?
1.Ask the President to provide expressions of gratitude or
affirmation to members on the Enrollment Team (or Faculty or
Staff) who are succeeding. People always appreciate genuine
2.Acknowledge people's impact.
3.Create a culture that does this regularly.
4.Consider affirmations that we're all in this together, such as
bonuses with finances do well.
Q9 You are passionate about TRUST. Can you
talk a little bit about building a culture of
Creating trust is absolutely critical. The benefits of trust are 1) that we
know who are as a community; 2) we know our niche; and 3) we know
our mission and there's uniformity as to what that is across the
organization. That's an advantage to us. But that comes from trusting
each other.
We also have to be realistic: Flat is the new "up."
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