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CEO Monitoring ReportExecutive Limitations 1: Global Executive Constraint April 21, 2022The President (the CEO) shall not cause or allow any practice, activity, decision, or circumstance which violates the educational tradition and mission of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, inclusive of the teachings and Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church, or is either unlawful, imprudent or in violation of commonly accepted business and professional ethics.CEO Interpretation: The CEO shall model behavior at all times consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and acknowledge state and federal laws so as not to bring embarrassment or liability to San Miguel High School, inclusive of its professional staff, students and volunteer professional board. This expectation is also required of all our employees. Consistent efforts to increase understanding of church teachings, as well as the Lasallian Educational Mission are made on going. The school also must be attentive to changing regulations as outlined in state and federal laws, as well as the education code of the state of Arizona.Supporting Data:San Miguel employees participate fully in the District sponsored workshops and training programs and maintains communication with the Diocese of Tucson through attendance at appropriate meetings identified by the principal and the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.With respect to any questions regarding clarification of the position/teachings of the Catholic Church, the CEO pledges to represent the interpretation as defined by the Bishop of The Diocese of Tucson – currently Bishop Edward Weisenburger.Faculty and staff meet with the Principal, Director of Corporate Work Study and/or the President if behavior is evaluated as not meeting expected standards desired as “modeling the Gospel Values” to our students and other community members. Expectations are clarified and possible consequences for non-compliance are outlined.Potential candidates are asked if “they are able and willing to support and actively act according to our stated mission and faith culture”.The final designs of our Religious Studies curriculum have been implemented. All standards are aligned with the USCCB (United StatesConference of Catholic Bishops) requirements and our supporting texts are from the approved list.Employee work agreements and handbooks contain language that prohibits activity contrary to the Catholic mission/philosophy of San Miguel High School.100% of ALL employees and volunteers have met the Diocese of Tucson requirement of completion of Compliance training including background checks.The President collaborated with the Principal (Mike Richards) HR Director/Compliance Officer (Kristen Kof), and Richard Serrano from the Diocese of Tucson Office of Child, Adolescent and Adult Safety to complete an extensive internal audit in order to update San Miguel’s yearly approved Compliance Manual in time for the Diocesan audit in September 2021. The school was deemed in compliance.The CEO consults regularly and immediately, if necessary, with the Board of Trustees Chair, District and/or Diocese in matters that have caused or have the potential to cause legal, financial or religious scandal to the San Miguel community. The CEO actively seeks the counsel and expertise available at the District, professional legal counsel, as well as clergy and business professionals who have offered their services for the benefit of San Miguel High School.

What factors should be considered when determining the use of physical restraint? The safety and wellbeing of the child, carer and other people present during the physical restraint. The quality of the information received outlining the use of physical restraint. Whether sufficient attempts were made to defuse the situation.