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MYJO Recorded Auditions GuideThis is a guide for recording and submitting your recorded audition video for MYO’s 2023 Ensemble Program. Applicants who do not submit a recorded audition will not be considered for a position. Please take time to read the full document before recording your audition.All Submissions are due by Thursday 19th JanuaryLate submissions will not be acceptedTHINGS YOU NEED Your instrument/sYour audition requirements/own choice repertoireA music standA video and audio recording device (e.g., Phone, Tablet, Video Camera)RECORDING SETUP 4252595319729900The Room The most important thing to make your camera shot look really good is the lighting in the room you’re recording in. It’s best to have as much light as possible, with the light coming from behind the camera, facing you. It’s best to record during the day with daylight coming through a window. Here is a picture of a good example: INCLUDEPICTURE "/var/folders/sy/0hhw6t5d55xb1vt1yz_vg8hr0000gr/T/com.microsoft.Word/WebArchiveCopyPasteTempFiles/page1image9559360" \* MERGEFORMATINET For sound, make sure you’re in a quiet place that doesn’t have an echo. Any room that has tiles or hardwood floors won’t get the best results, because sound will bounce off the floor and distort the sound. A bedroom or a carpeted lounge room is best. The Camera Here are the 4 basic rules to get a good camera angle for your recording Set the height of the camera so it matches your eye level.Ensure your instrument can be seen in its entirety on the video frame.Camera needs to be static. Do Not have someone film you, mount the camera on a stand. If you’re using a phone or tablet, for highest quality make sure you use the back facing camera.The Sound Spend some time experimenting by recording your instrument to discover the best sound you can. Try placing your recording device in different parts of the room and recording yourself playing your instrument. Listen back to the recording and choose the position that you think sounds best. If you’re using a phone or tablet to record your video and audio, make sure it’s not too far away from you, as your audio will sound distant and will be more likely to pick up unwanted background noise. RECORDING YOUR PART Now that your audio and video is all set up, it’s time to record! Do a warm-up and tune up on your instrument. Record yourself playing a few notes just once more to make sure everything looks and sounds really good. Clarification about which scales/technical exercises (if applicable) you need to perform can be found on the audition requirements for your first preference ensemble.Start the video by saying the following:Your full nameThe MYO Ensemble you are applying for and your instrument. For example, ‘My first preference is Melbourne Youth Junior Strings, and I am applying on Violin’.Finally introduce each piece/excerpt/technical work just before you play each item.Please note that sight-reading is not required for recorded auditions.PLEASE NOTE: Your recording needs to be done in one full take, from start to finish in the order listed in the audition requirements document, just as you would do a live audition.SUBMITTING YOUR RECORDINGNow that you have your recording all done, it’s time to upload your file. File FormatPlease ensure that your file is in a .mov, .mp4 or a m4v format (iPhones and iPads will usually create a .mov file). If you submit a different file format (eg. .wmv) we will ask you to either convert the file or re-record your audition.Naming Your File We’re going to be dealing with a lot of videos, so we need to make sure your video is named correctly. Please name your file exactly as follows: <First name> <Last name> <First Preference Ensemble> <Instrument>Examples: John Smith MJYO Baritone Saxophone.mp4Anne Jones MYJO Flagship Double Bass.mp4Please ensure that you leave plenty of time to submit your video. MYO may not be able to assist with technical difficulties if you choose to submit on the final due date.UPLOADING TO DROPBOX To upload your audition video please click on the following link:Drop-box video audition submission link https://www.dropbox.com/request/cJsYgprVCY2m6IoiPXNH This link will take you to a Dropbox form. Make sure you enter your full name and email address and click ‘UPLOAD’. Wait for the file to fully upload before you close the window. If you have any issues with the recording or upload process, please don’t hesitate to contact the MYO Office at myo@myo.org.au or (03) 9376 8988 (Tuesday- Friday).

How do you change files to MP4? How do I convert video files to MP4? Method 1: Use VLC Media Player to Convert Videos Launch VLC, go to the Menu bar and click Media >> Convert/Save. Click the Add button to locate the files you wish to convert. Select the videos and click Open. Once the files are added to the list, select Convert from the drop-down Convert/Save.