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(“Form A”)

Please read the following instructions before completing this form.

|The ECCG grant application is to be submitted via the Business Grant Portal (BGP). |
| |
|This is an additional form, Form A, necessary for the application of ECCG. The completed Form A should be uploaded onto BGP during |
|the application process. |
| |
|All fields in this form are compulsory, unless stated otherwise. Where information is not applicable, a “N.A.” is necessary. |


|Name of Non-Landed Private Residence (NLPR) |Type here |
|Development Type (e.g. condominium, walk-up apartment) |Type here |
|Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) Number |Type here |
|MCST UEN number |Type here |
|Is the (a) NLPR; or (b) Electric Vehicle Charger Operator |Type here |
|(EVCO) the owner of the chargers? | |
|Is this the first ECCG grant application for the NLPR? |Type here |
|Project details |
|Total number of resident and visitor parking lots in NLPR |Type here |
| | |
|Note: The total number of parking lots should only include | |
|those that residents and visitors can park in, including | |
|handicapped lots. This excludes temporary parking spaces, | |
|such as loading and unloading bays, and drop-off points. | |
|Are there existing EV charging points installed in the NLPR?|Type here |
|If yes, how many? | |
| | |
|Note: Most EV chargers typically have only 1 charging point,| |
|but some have 2. | |
|Brand and model of new chargers to be installed |Type here |
|Number of chargers applying to be co-funded by the ECCG |Type here |
|Number of new chargers to be installed |Type here |
| | |
|Note: This is the total number of chargers the NLPR intends | |
|to install, which can be more than the number of chargers | |
|eligible for the ECCG. | |
|Number of charging points per charger to be installed |Type here |
|Location of chargers to be installed (to provide |Type here |
|description, e.g. tower/block number, lot number, carpark | |
|level) | |
| | |
|Note: Chargers should be easily accessible by residents. | |
|Photographs of installation location |Please upload photos of the proposed installation location in your BGP |
| |application, which must contain or demonstrate the following: |
| | |
| |The proposed charger(s) installation location, and its surroundings |
| |(around 10 metres radius), which should show that the charger is easily |
| |accessible by residents (i.e. not gated or fenced up) |
| | |
| |Electrical cabling route |
| | |
| |Please label your photos with the name of the location and sequence to |
| |view the photos. E.g. Cabling Route 1, Cabling Route 2. If your grant |
| |application is approved, you will need to submit photos of the same |
| |locations after the charger and cabling has been installed, during the |
| |subsequent application for claims. |
|[Optional] What is the consumer switch room and sub-station |Type here |
|spare power capacity for the NLPR? | |
|Indicate the list of documents that will be submitted |Type here |
|alongside the BGP grant application, including this Form A. | |

Upon completion of Form A, Applicant is to upload it on BGP as part of the grant application submission.

End of form.

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