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& managing your company Facebook page A JPIMedia guide … - creating a company facebook page

& managing your company Facebook page A JPIMedia guide …-creating a company facebook page

A JPIMedia guide to setting up
& managing your company Facebook page
Guide Introduction: Social
media is your online word of Enhancing your Facebook Should you consider using
mouth page Facebook advertising
Choosing the right
social media site for What kind of content Summary & checklist:
your business should you publish From offline to online
Four ways marketing on
Facebook Different post types Our services
can benefit your business explained
A beginner's guide to How to increase your fans
Facebook terms on Facebook
Setting up a Facebook How to measure the
page in five simple success of Facebook for
steps your business
So, what business aims can marketing on
Facebook help you achieve?
Being on Facebook is a simple way to improve
your company's online presence, and an
opportunity to showcase your business through
photos and customer reviews. Updating your
Facebook page regularly with current, engaging
content could even help your website rank higher
in Google search results.
Many businesses agree that word of mouth is still the number one way to gain new
business, and that's exactly how social media works - it's your online word of mouth.
And of all the social media sites, there's one in particular that each and every business By regularly posting updates to your followers,
should be using to spread the word about their company: Facebook. you can engage them with your business
message and give them the opportunity to
interact with you on the network. Loyal followers
With over 1.65 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world's biggest will also comment and share what you have to
social network (Facebook as of 27/04/16) say, helping you to spread the word to their
Over 50% of the British population is on Facebook (The Guardian) friends and family too.
Which marketing methods are going to help achieve your goals
Over one third of Britons use it on a daily basis (The Guardian)
For many people, it's the first thing they check when they wake up in the Use Facebook Ads' precise targeting options to
morning, and the last thing they see at night (StatisticBrain) ensure your adverts are reaching the people who
need your products or services.
We've created this guide to provide you with everything you need to know about Use this guide as a checklist. Empty boxes
setting up and managing your company Facebook page, so you can start winning indicate something needs doing.
more fans. Tick off the boxes as you complete each task. 4

How do I build my Facebook business page? When choosing a page name you should note the following: Your page name must accurately define what the page is all about. It’s your brand’s identity on Facebook so choose wisely. ... Don’t use a brand name that belongs to another company. Only official representatives of a brand can do that. Don’t use all capitals, this is against Facebook guidelines.