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Creating Facebook Ads - creating a company facebook page

Creating Facebook Ads -creating a company facebook page

Facebook Ads
Creating successful ads on Facebook, Instagram,
Messenger and the Audience Network
Course details
Level: Advanced
Created: May 2020
First Edition
Introduction 3
1. Creating Your Facebook Marketing Funnel 4
1.1. What is a sales funnel? 5
As a Facebook advertiser -especially if you are just starting out- many may have wondered
at some point: What type of campaigns should I create, what is the right target audience,
what should be the right structure, how do I name them?
This guide aims to assist you with these areas:
? Understanding what a funnel is and how to create one
? Creating a proper campaign structure for your Facebook campaigns
? Creating and using a proper naming framework for your campaigns
This e-book provides guidelines to a well-structured campaign with suggestions to
target audiences, audiences to exclude, naming conventions to use for analysis and
reporting purposes. Use these as an inspiration to create the ones that best serve your
business' needs.
Although throughout the book we talk about Facebook and Instagram and we
demonstrate the methodology on the interface used for management of ads run on these
social media platforms, the insights can be applied to advertising via other social media
channels too.

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