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Credit Manager - HKQF - credit control manager duties

Credit Manager - HKQF-credit control manager duties

Credit Manager
The Credit Manager is responsible for overall credit evaluation of the bank. Key tasks
include generating portfolio performance on retail banking clients, performing credit
evaluation and risk assessment procedures, and reporting to regulators. The position
performs supervisory duties of monitoring subordinates information collection and
documentation on credit risk and other credit related aspects.
Credit Management Responsible for credit monitoring of consumer lending
To help RM Team in problem account management
Negotiate repayment plans or take legal action to recover
debts if necessary
Manage credit operations including application, approval
and collection
People Supervise the work of a team of credit staff
Management Ensure timely reporting of related credit information and
reports of subordinates
Business Strategies Formulate and review credit policy and procedures including
the terms of credit
To ensure effective portfolio monitoring mechanisms are in
place, including early warning mechanisms, stress tests and
contingency plans
Review credit scoring scheme regularly and provide input to
decision makers for revision
Banking Knowledge Keep abreast of current affairs and financial market
Keep abreast of the credit life cycle of different consumer
banking products
Entry requirements:
University graduate with 3-5 years of work experience in consumer or commercial
banking credit and risk management
Professional Certificate in Retail Credit Management
Targeted Credit Manager
Equip learners with specialized credit knowledge and
Certificate advanced skills for credit management
Objectives: Enable leaners to analyze, reformat and evaluate a
Learning Outcomes:
wide range of information to perform credit
assessment and review independently
LO1 Relate the fundamental knowledge of credit principles
to their role
LO2 Differentiate credit life cycle of different personal
banking products and apply relevant credit processes
as per customer's request
LO3 Perform credit assessment based on analysis on the
customer data, market environment, the bank's credit
policies, relevant laws and regulations
LO4 Manage credit operations and administration including
application, approval and collection
LO5 Monitor all credit related activities and ensure the debt
collection procedures are in compliance with the bank's
regulations and guidelines
Credit principles
Credit life cycle and process
Scope of Learning: Credit assessment
Credit administration
Credit monitoring and debt collection
University graduates AND
Entry Completed the Professional Certificate in Conducting
Requirements: Retail banking Investment and Portfolio Management
Ample working experience in consumer or commercial
banking credit and risk management
Pathway: The learning programme associated with the
Professional Certificate in Retail Credit Management
(QF Level 5) is a specialist development for branch
banking relationship managers. The learning objectives
and associated content covered by this programme
warrants that specialized career development skills and
work related intelligence required by credit management
occupations are embedded in the learning activities.
Learners of this Professional Certificate can continue to
widen and strengthen their employable competencies by
attaining other advanced qualifications in the future in
accordance to their career aspiration.
Upon completion of this Certificate, graduates will have
the competencies to take up job positions as Credit
With additional advanced training to meet occupational
requirements, there are career progression opportunities in
compliance, risk or management areas in various banking
sectors. (Please refer to employment pathway diagram on
QF Level: 5
QF Credits:
(Indicative only) 33 (based on UoC mapping)

What are the responsibilities of a credit manager? They have to do a thorough credit check on all the loan requests that come in to the bank They have to hire the right people for the department who will do a good job with the verification They have to train the new staff and assign them duties More items...