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Antitrust Division Statement America v. Intuit Inc. and Credit … - credit karma sign in

Antitrust Division Statement America v. Intuit Inc. and Credit …-credit karma sign in

This document is scheduled to be published in the
Federal Register on 12/16/2020 and available online at
federalregister.gov/d/2020-27604, and on govinfo.gBoivlling Code: 4410-11
Antitrust Division
United States v. Intuit Inc., et al.; Proposed Final Judgment and Competitive Impact
Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Antitrust Procedures and Penalties Act, 15 U.S.C.
16(b)-(h), that a proposed Final Judgment, Stipulation, and Competitive Impact Statement have
been filed with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, in United States of
America v. Intuit Inc. and Credit Karma, Inc., Civil Action No. 1:20-cv-03441-ABJ. On
November 25, 2020 the United States filed a Complaint alleging that the proposed acquisition by
Intuit Inc. of Credit Karma, Inc. would violate Section 7 of the Clayton Act, 15 U.S.C. 18. The
proposed Final Judgment, filed at the same time as the Complaint, requires Intuit and Credit
Karma to divest Credit Karma's digital do-it-yourself ("DDIY") tax preparation business, Credit
Karma Tax, along with the products, intellectual property, and other related assets and rights that
Credit Karma uses to provide DDIY tax preparation products to consumers.
Copies of the Complaint, proposed Final Judgment, and Competitive Impact Statement
are available for inspection on the Antitrust Division's website at http://www.justice.gov/atr and
at the Office of the Clerk of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Copies
of these materials may be obtained from the Antitrust Division upon request and payment of the
copying fee set by Department of Justice regulations.
Public comment is invited within 60 days of the date of this notice. Such comments,
including the name of the submitter, and responses thereto, will be posted on the Antitrust
Division's website, filed with the Court, and, under certain circumstances, published in the
Federal Register. Comments should be directed to Robert A. Lepore, Chief, Transportation,
Energy, and Agriculture Section, Antitrust Division, Department of Justice, 450 Fifth Street NW,
Suite 8000, Washington, DC 20530 (telephone: 202-476-0375).
Suzanne Morris,
Chief, Premerger and Division Statistics,
Antitrust Division.
v. Civil Action No.: 1:20-cv-03441-ABJ
INTUIT INC. Judge Amy Berman Jackson
The United States of America, acting under the direction of the Attorney General
of the United States, brings this civil antitrust action to prevent Intuit Inc. from acquiring
Credit Karma, Inc. The United States alleges as follows:
1. Each year, nearly 140 million individuals, families, and households around
the country file U.S. federal and state income taxes. The tens of millions of filers who
choose a digital do-it-yourself ("DDIY") tax preparation product have some choice, but
one product dominates this market: TurboTax. Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, is by far
the largest provider of DDIY tax preparation products, with a 66% market share. For
more than a decade, Intuit's dominance has been nearly as certain as taxes themselves.
2. Since 2008, Credit Karma has operated a popular personal finance
platform that offers consumers a variety of free services, including credit monitoring and
financial management. When Credit Karma launched its own DDIY tax preparation
product in 2017, it was the first meaningful DDIY tax preparation product entry in at
least a decade. Credit Karma's goal was clear: "Just like it did with credit scores in 2008,
Credit Karma plans to change the tax preparation industry so people won't ever have to

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