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Understanding credit scores - Consumer Financial … - credit score apr calculator

Understanding credit scores - Consumer Financial …-credit score apr calculator

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Understanding credit scores
Understanding what credit scores are and how they work can
help you learn how to earn good credit in the future.
Read the "Credit scores: Exploring one example" handout.
Match the vocabulary words and phrases to the correct definition.
Answer the reflection questions.
Defining credit score words and phrases
Draw a line between the vocabulary word or phrase and its definition.
1. Credit score A. Total owed as well as how much available credit a
person is using
2. FICO B. All new loans or accounts and all creditor credit
report requests
3. Poor FICO credit score C. How long a person has had an account or loan
4. Exceptional FICO credit score D. Stands for Fair Isaac Corporation, a company that
provides lenders with formulas to figure out credit scores
5. Payment history E. Credit score that is below 580
6. Length of credit history F. A way for lenders to predict how likely a person is to pay
back a loan on time
BORRO7W. New credit G. Whether a person is paying bills on time and as agreed
8. Total debt, balances, H. Credit score of 800 or more
and utilization
Understanding credit scores Summer 2022
Reflection questions
1. Why are credit scores important?
2. As an adult, having a good credit score is very important. What are two things
you can do as an adult to be sure that you have a good credit score?
Understanding credit scores Summer 2022

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