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The 36 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Having Kids - deep questions to ask your boyfriend

The 36 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Having Kids-deep questions to ask your boyfriend

From Episode #165 of The Longest Shortest Time
1. Did you do any babysitting growing up? How much? How did you like it?
Would you like to do that forever?
2. What is your wildest dream when you see yourself with your child?
3. What names do you think are awesome?
4. What last name will our kid/s have?
5. Which do you think would make you happier -- going out to eat with or
without our child, and why?
6. Would we let our son go to kindergarten in a dress?
7. Exactly how much harder do you think is it to have kids than to have cats?
8. What should our kid's relationship with technology be? At what age should
our kid get their first cell phone? Computer in their room? VR headset?
9. What lifestyle standards do you have today that you have to keep, or you
won't be able to function? How would we accommodate those things,
especially during the first few years?
10. What is your understanding of co-parenting? What does it look like to
11. If I get the better job that would mean our family has to move, do you
willingly follow, or will you resent me, so I won't even consider it in the first
12. What challenges do you think will arise if we are a multiracial family?
13. Complete this sentence: "I wish I had a partner kid with whom I could
share... "
14. When we learn the sex of our child, either before or after birth, what
significance will that have for you? (And what impact might it have on our
15. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about the future kid, or the future of
the planet in general, what would you want to know?
16. How many?
17. How do you feel when you attend a baby shower?
18. What would/should we do with abnormal blood tests/genetic
tests/ultrasound findings?
19. How long could you imagine us not having sex before you'd think
something is wrong? What's the longest you'd be OK going without sex with
20. Do you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert? What if our
kid is very different from us in this or other ways?
21. What counts as spoiling?
22. How can I show you gratitude when I'm a sleep deprived zombie bending
towards resentment?
23. What's an appropriate punishment or consequence for a child hitting
you? How would we approach discipline on our family?
24. Will we be the kind of family that can talk about farts?
25. What are some of the things--messages, behaviors, beliefs--you learned
from your parents that you would like to keep, and what are some you'd like
to change, do better, or different?
26. What is the thing you most hope to replicate from your own upbringing?
27. What role do you see your parents playing in our lives after the baby is
28. What are the things that you imagine you would be unwilling to give up or
change about yourself, even for your children, even for me?
29. How would the class identity of our kid compare to the one you had
growing up? How do you feel about meeting the expectations or
disappointments that come with that?
30. What difficulties from your own childhood are you, quietly, in the back of
your mind, trying to fix by not raising children who are not suffering in this
31. How did your parents divide parenting responsibilities (like sick days,
snow days, or washing the dishes)? How would we want to change that?

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