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Department of Education
Fiscal 2021 Executive Budget Snapshot
The Department of Education's Fiscal 2021 Executive Budget totals $27.54 billion, $462.9 million less
than the Preliminary Budget. Savings total $581.5 million across Fiscal 2020 and 2021, including a
$470.1 million PEG in Fiscal 2021. This is 3.5 percent of DOE's City tax-levy funding, and of this total
$266.9 million is baselined in the outyears. According to the Citywide Savings Program, of the total
Fiscal 2021 PEG for DOE, 60.7 percent impacts program reductions.
$28.00 Billion ($470.1) Million $27.54 Billion
Fiscal 2021 Prelim Exec PEGs for FY21 Fiscal 2021 Executive
? PS: $17.36B ? FSF: ($100M) ? $462.9 M less than
? OTPS: $10.64B ? PD Reduction ($67M) Prelim
? Headcount: 136,822 ? Equity &Excellence ? PS: $17.03B
? New Needs: $213.7M Reduction ($54.5 M) ? OTPS: $10.51B
(FY20 only) ? ATR Hiring Freeze ? Headcount: 136,801
? Carter Cases $150M ($50M) ? New Needs: $381.5M
? Transportation ? Hiring Freeze ($46.6M) State Aid Backfill
$63.7M ? 3-K Delay ($43.8M)
? Savings: $165.8M ? SAM Reduction ($40M)
? Other: ($68.7M)
DOE's FY21 Budget backfills $381.5 million in State cuts. As of April 2020, the DOE has reported
approximately $35.7 million in COVID-19 obligations, however the Executive Budget does not reflect any
funding in Fiscal 2020 or Fiscal 2021 for COVID-19 costs. Approximately $25.1 million or 69.5 percent of
this obligation is for custodial cleaning supplies.
Budget Risks - Excluded from FY21 Budget FY 20 One Shots
? FY21 Spending estimates are low for Pupil Citywide Education Initiatives: $30.4M
Transportation, NYCSS and Carter Cases ? College and Career Readiness $1.5M
FY20 One-Time Funding: $11.9 M ? Community Schools $3.7 M
? Urban Advantage $3.5M ? Discretionary Child Care $5.7M
? Restorative Justice $1.3M ? Educational Programs $9.1M
? Community Schools $2.6M
? Jill Chaifetz Helpline $.25M
? LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum $.8M
? Diversity and Integration $2.2M ? Physical Education and Fitness $2.1M
? Halal and Kosher $1.0M ? Social and Emotional Supports $1.8M
? LGBTQ Curriculum $1.0M ? Support for Educators $4.4M
? Work Based Internships $.7M
New York City Council Finance Division- Chelsea Baytemur and Masis Sarkissian, Financial Analysts cbaytemur@council.nyc.gov,

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