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Words that Enhance Writing - descriptive words for writing

Words that Enhance Writing -descriptive words for writing

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Words that Enhance Writing
When writing anything, one of the best ways to grab and keep a reader's attention is to
use sensory details. Sensory details are words that stir any of the five senses: touch,
taste, sound, smell, and sight. For example, rather than saying "She drank the
lemonade," say: "She felt her tongue tingle as she sipped the frosty glass of tart, sugary
arid damp fuzzy sandy sticky
balmy dehydrated gluey satiny stifling
blistering dense gritty scorching stocky
boiling dried hairy searing sultry
breezy dull heavy shriveled sweltering
bumpy dusty jagged shrunken tender
burning elastic leathery silky tepid
chilly feathery lukewarm sizzling thick
clammy fleshy mushy slight tough
coarse fragile oily slippery velvety
cool fresh prickly spiky waxy
crisp frosty rubbery steamy
acidic fatty hearty rotten sugary
bitter fiery insipid salty syrupy
bittersweet fishy mild smoky tangy
bland fresh oily spicy tart
buttery fruity peppery stinging vinegary
crisp greasy pungent sugared
blaring earsplitting muted scream thunderous
boisterous gurgle noiseless screech tinkle
booming hiss noisy shrill unspoken
buzz hum patter silent whine
chime hushed peep slam whispered
clink jingle piercing snap whistle
crackle low raucous squawk
deafening muffled roar thud
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acrid flowery moldy pungent spoiled
aromatic fragrant musty rancid stagnant
briny fresh odorous reeking stench
burnt gaseous perfumed scented tempting
earthy minty piney sharp
ancient dim grassy pristine striped
angular dingy handsome radiant sturdy
animated drab hefty ramshackle sunny
arrogant dramatic insipid regal supple
attractive elegant irregular rigid swarming
awkward energetic irresistible robust swollen
beefy exhausted jammed ruffled tantalizing
blotched exotic lavish shabby tidy
bold feeble leafy shadowy timid
bright flashy lively shapely tinted
brilliant flat loose sheer tranquil
broken flimsy massive shimmering vibrant
bruised fluffy miniature shiny vivid
bulky flush muddled sickly wavy
chaotic formal muddy slender weightless
cheap frail murky sparkling weighty
cluttered frightened muscular sparkly wild
colored frilled opulent speckled wiry
congested glassy orderly spotted worn
crinkled gloomy painted sprinkled wrecked
curved glossy peaceful stout wrinkled
delicate glowing placid stretched
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Red Orange Yellow Green Blue
blood apricot amber apple aqua
bloodshot copper buff chartreuse aquamarine
blush coral canary emerald azure
burgundy peach champagne forest bice
cardinal rust eggshell jade cerulean
carmine tangerine gold kelly cobalt
cherry titian golden leaf indigo
coral lemon lime midnight
crimson ocher olive navy
damask saffron pine sapphire
garnet xanthic reseda turquoise
Purple Brown White Black Other
fuchsia amber alabaster carbon buff
heliotrope auburn ashen charcoal checkered
lavender beige blanched coal freckled
lilac bronze bloodless dark hounds-tooth
magenta brunette chalky ebony iridescent
maroon chestnut cream jet opaque
mauve chocolate fair obsidian polka-dotted
plum cinnamon frosted onyx silver
violet cocoa ghostly pitch spotted
coffee ivory raven striped
drab pale sable transparent
fawn pallid slate
ginger pasty sooty
hazel pearl
khaki pearly
mahogany sickly
nut snowy
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What are the types of descriptive writing? What are the different types of descriptive writing? Definitions and explanations of the four types of writing: expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative. Expository. Expository writing explains or informs. Descriptive. Persuasive. Narrative.