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Performance Review and Development Process
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Performance Review & Development Process Page
1.0 Objectives 3
2.0 Annual Performance Review Procedure 3
3.0 Interim Review Procedure 4
Interim & Annual Review Form 5
Guidance for Staff & Managers 10
1.0 Introduction 11
2.0 Responsibilities 11
3.0 Types of Reviews 11
3.1 Carrying out an Annual Performance Review 11
3.2 Carrying out Interim Reviews 11
4.0 Preparing for Meetings 11
4.1 Performance 11
4.2 Individual Wellbeing 12
4.3 Training & Development 12
5.0 Completing Forms: Annual Review 13
5.1 Before the Annual Review 13
5.2 At the Annual Review Meeting 13
5.3 After the Annual Review Meeting 14
6.0 Completing Forms: Interim Reviews 14
7.0 Setting & Reviewing Objectives 15
8.0 Disagreement 15
Development Assessment Checklist 16
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Performance review is a joint collaborative process between managers and staff
members which should take place both formally and informally throughout the year.
Continuous dialogue throughout the year between the manager and the staff
member should inform the agenda of the meeting and the outcome of the meeting
should be a clear plan for both participants in terms of taking action to ensure that
the staff member is enabled to achieve their full potential in the work that they carry
out for the organisation.
1.0 Objectives
The objectives of the Performance Review & Development Process are as
To provide a platform for managers and their staff members to review
aspects of job performance to enable them to perform their job to the best
of their ability and to make the best contribution.
To recognise the staff member's contribution to the delivery of services
and to the achievement of the Ombudsman's aims and objectives.
To add value in identifying individual training, development and career
needs and set out and agree a personal development plan. Discussions
on such needs should focus upon genuinely assisting the staff member in
acquiring the relevant skills, knowledge and behaviours (competencies) for
them to perform well in their current role. These should be considered in
the context of the attached Development Assessment document.
Opportunities for advancement or alternative work may also be on the
To review methods of working and associated work related issues.
To provide an opportunity for staff members to raise any other concerns
they may have and to make suggestions for improvements to their
2.0 Annual Performance Review Procedure
Formal performance review meetings will take place annually between April
and June. Managers should arrange a meeting with staff members to review
their overall performance development and to agree and set objectives over
the next year. All sections of the form should be reviewed and completed
jointly during this meeting.
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