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Debit Card Fraud Affidavit - Metro Federal Credit Union - digital federal credit union fraud

Debit Card Fraud Affidavit - Metro Federal Credit Union-digital federal credit union fraud

Affidavit - Fraudulent Use of a Debit Card
Claim Number
ATM Card Debit Card State and Contract Number
Member Information
I make this Affidavit for the purpose of establishing the fraudulent use of my METRO Federal CU card. I did not give, sell or trade my credit/debit
card to anyone nor did I give anyone permission to use my card(s). I have no knowledge that my spouse or minor children made any transaction(s)
on or after the date of the first fraudulent transaction indicated below. I did not receive any benefit from the unauthorized use of my card(s).
Name Home Phone Work Phone Number of Credit Cards Issued
() ()
Address, City, State, Zip Card Number Member Number Suffix
Type of Transaction Signature PIN Type of Card Loss Lost Stolen Counterfeit Never Received Other
Date Cardholder Discovered Loss Date Cardholder Reported Loss to Credit Date of First Fraudulent Transaction
I did not use this card or authorize the use of this card by anyone else after I discovered the card was lost, stolen or counterfeited.
Total amount of unauthorized transactions: $_________________________
I have examined all of the unauthorized transactions and in each instance I did not originate the transaction nor authorize it. Further, I did not
receive any of the proceeds or benefits of any such item(s) on the above total.
Name and Address of Unauthorized User (if known) Was loss reported to the Police Department?_____
If lost or stolen, please provide Police Report
Yes No
Police/Sheriff County or City Police Report Case Number
Please provide details (if necessary) on a separate sheet.
The card noted above was requested by me. Yes No
I give my consent to METRO Federal Credit Union to release any information regarding my card and/or card account to any local, state and/or
federal law enforcement agency so that the information can, if necessary, be used in the investigation and/or prosecution of any person(s) who
may be responsible for fraud involving my card and/or card account. I attest this Affidavit is true and understand that making a false sworn
statement is subject to federal and/or state statutes and may be punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.
Member Signature Date Co-Applicant/Authorized Signer Date
For your protection, Illinois law requires the following statement to appear on this form:
Any person who knowingly presents a false or fraudulent claim for the payment of a loss is guilty of a crime and may be subject to fines and
confinement in state prison.
Account # Suffix Date
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Affidavit - Fraudulent Use of a Debit Card
? Fill out all applicable sections of the Fraud Affidavit using blue or black ink.
? Complete information helps to increase efficiency and speed in handling the claim.
? Allow 3-5 business days to begin processing fraud claim.
? Fax all three (3) pages and any other related documentation regarding your fraud claim to 847-670-0401.
WARNING: Please read this Affidavit carefully. You are cautioned that knowingly giving a false answer may subject you to criminal prosecution
for perjury.
1. I, , hereby state as follows:
2. I reside at and my home telephone number is ( ) .
My work telephone number is ( ) .
3. I applied for and was issued a: Visa Debit Card Number
by METRO Federal Credit Union. I applied for and was issued a Personal Identification Number by METRO Federal CU for use at
Automated Teller Machines to access my:
Checking Savings _________ ____________
4. To the best of my knowledge, my card was:
Lost by me on or about (MM/DD/YYYY)
Stolen from me on or about (MM/DD/YYYY)
In my possession at all times when the fraudulent transaction(s) occurred.
Other (please explain):
5. The withdrawal(s)/charge(s) listed below were not made or authorized by me, or made by any person to whom I have at any time made
available my card or Personal Identification Number.
Transaction Date: Description: Amount $
Transaction Date: Description: Amount $
Transaction Date: Description: Amount $
Transaction Date: Description: Amount $
Transaction Date: Description: Amount $
If there are more fraudulent transactions please provide a list of additional transactions.
6. I have not made my card or Personal Identification Number available to anyone other than the following person(s):
Name Relationship
( )
Address, City, State, Zip Telephone Number
Name Relationship
( )
Address, City, State, Zip Telephone Number
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Affidavit - Fraudulent Use of a Debit Card
7. I have neither received nor benefited from the proceeds of the withdrawal(s)/charges(s), nor to the best of my knowledge have any of
the persons listed in Paragraph 6 received or benefited from those withdrawal(s)/charge(s).
8. I will cooperate in the prosecution of the person(s) who improperly used my card.
9. I wish to describe the following additional circumstances:
This Affidavit is made for submission to METRO Federal Credit Union for use as part of its investigation of my claim that my
account(s) should be credited for the withdrawals listed above. I hereby authorize bank and credit union investigators and law
enforcement officials to investigate all circumstances concerning these withdrawal(s)/charge(s).
I am aware that improperly obtaining funds from METRO Federal Credit Union by fraudulent use of a METRO card may constitute a
Federal criminal offense punishable by imprisonment and a fine, and that any false statements made in this Affidavit or to any bank
investigator or law enforcement official in connection with an investigation will constitute evidence of such a crime. I certify under
penalty of perjury that all of the statements I made on this Affidavit are true and correct.
Signature Member Name Date
Signature Member Name Date
State of Illinois
County of __________
Subscribed and sworn to before me this__________day of_______________,20___.
Notary Public
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