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DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY GUIDE - digital marketing website templates

DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY GUIDE-digital marketing website templates

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Intermediate Level
1 Optimising your digital marketing strategy
2Market Analysis
2aAudience Personas
2b Customer segmentation and analysis -
converting content
2cCompetitor benchmark and analysis
3Where are you now - analyse your
digital assets
4Strategy and Tactics to improve digital
marketing activity - Content Strategy
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B efore reading this guide, you should
already have in place a defined digital
marketing strategy with focused aims
and objectives.
This intermediate guide to digital marketing
strategy will focus on guiding you on
how to optimise and improve your digital
marketing by taking a more strategic view,
with the ultimate aim of growing and
advancing your business.
If you are just starting out, we recommend
you first check out our Basic Guide to
Digital Marketing Strategy, even if you
would just like a recap on the outline of
how your strategy should be set out from
a top line perspective.
1 - Digital Strategy Guide - Intermediate Level
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