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Understanding your investment portfolio statement - dividend portfolio examples

Understanding your investment portfolio statement-dividend portfolio examples

your investment
All the information you need
at a glance
Managing an investment
portfolio takes time,
but understanding
your investment portfolio
statement shouldn't.
Accordingly, we've designed
a statement that is simple,
user-friendly and, more
importantly, easy to read.
> Your statement is sent to you quarterly; however,
it may be delivered monthly if a transaction/activity
occurred in your account.
> It presents an overview of all your accounts plus
a detailed breakdown of each one.
> The types of accounts that you hold are clearly
indicated, and there's enough information provided
to fully understand the status of your investments.
l Sign up for electronic statements
at my-portfolio.ca.
Summary section
The first page features a quick overview of your
investment portfolio value and asset allocation
while the second page contains important information
regarding your statement.
1 Portfolio Summary
Track the progress of your investments with
an overview of the total market value of your
accounts in Canadian dollars, for both the
current and previous period.
2 Portfolio Asset Allocation
View the breakdown of your portfolio holdings
in Canadian dollars by asset class and see
what percentage each category represents.
This section shows the market value of your
portfolio and any negative balances which
will appear in brackets.
3 What's New
It's important that you read this section
each time you receive your statement, as
it contains pertinent information regarding
your account.
4 Investment Portfolio Information
Refer to this section for your account number.
If duplicate copies have been requested,
details would be listed here.
5 Contact Information
Need assistance? Here's where you can find your
Portfolio Manager/Investment Advisor contact

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