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PortfoliosWhat is a portfolio?A portfolio is usually a 3-ring binder containing your resume, references, transcripts, samples of your work and accomplishments, as well as other career-related information.A portfolio is a very helpful way to organize your academic and professional documentation and credentials.A portfolio increases your confidence during an interview, since you can refer to “proof” to support your answers to the interviewer’s questions. This is especially a useful tool for visual communicators.Typical Portfolio ElementsTitle PageTranscriptsTable of ContentsExperience and Skills ExamplesConfidentiality and Originality StatementAchievements and AwardsPersonal Mission StatementCommunity ServiceResumeProfessional AffiliationsReferencesWriting SamplesPortfolio formatsHard Copy: most common, usually a three-ring binder.Electronic Portfolio: The University of Minnesota’s Electronic Portfolio System will allow you to post your resume, research, and other documents on your personal electronic portfolio. See: https://portfolio.umn.edu/Master Portfolio: a master portfolio is intended for your eyes only. It is a great way to organize academic, professional and personal items, and is very detailed.Targeted Portfolio: a targeted portfolio is intended specifically for a particular position for which you are interviewing, and probably limited to about ten to twenty pages of relevant information.Mini-Portfolio: a mini-portfolio will be copies of key pieces that you are willing to leave with a prospective employer.Benefits of portfoliosPortfolios are a great way to provide proof of your skills in action. They serve as visual aids that add credibility and helps set you apart from other candidates. Not only will they help you remember your accomplishments, but they will also make you more prepared to interview.Using a portfolio in an interviewRefer to specific items to support your answers; you can use it to show examples of teamwork, creativity, problem solving, greatest accomplishment, recognition, honors and awards. It is recommended to have copies of key pages you can leave with the employer (mini-portfolio).

How to build a monthly dividend portfolio for passive income? The company must: Increase the dividend it pays to shareholders for at least 25 straight years. Be a large, established company, rather than a fast growth company, and generally part of the S&P 500. Have a minimum market capitalization of at least $3 billion. More items...