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80 Words of Encouragement for Children - Childhelp - encouraging message to kids

80 Words of Encouragement for Children - Childhelp-encouraging message to kids

80 Words of Encouragement for Children
1. You're on the right track now. 42. You're the best!
2. You're doing a good job! 43. Keep on trying!
3. Now you've figured it out. 44. Nothing can stop you now!
4. That's right!!! 45. You've got it made.
5. Now you have the hang of it. 46. You're very good at that.
6. That's the way 47. You certainly did well today.
7. You're doing fine. 48. I'm very proud of you.
8. Now you have it. 49. You're learning fast.
9. That's coming along nicely. 50. You've just about got it.
10. That's great. 51. That's good!
11. You did it that time! 52. I'm happy to see you working
12. GREAT! like that.
13. FANTASTIC! 53. That's the right way to do it.
14. TERRIFIC! 54. You're really learning a lot.
15. Tremendous! 55. That's better than ever.
16. How did you do that? 56. That's quite an improvement.
17. That's better. 57. Now you've figured it out.
19. That's a good (boy/girl). 59. FINE!
20. That's the best you've ever 60. That's IT!
done. 61. You figured it out fast.
21. Keep it up! 62. You remembered!
22. That's really nice. 63. You're really improving.
23. WOW! 64. I think you've got it now.
24. Keep up the good work. 65. Well, look at you go!
25. Much Better! 66. You've got that down pat.
26. Good for you! 67. Good work!
27. Good thinking! 68. OUTSTANDING!
28. Exactly right! 69. I like that.
29. SUPER! 70. Couldn't have done it better
30. Nice going. myself.
31. You make it look easy. 71. Now that's what I call a fine
32. Way to go! job.
33. You're doing much better today 72. You did that very well.
34. I've never seen anyone do it 73. CONGRATULATIONS!
better. 74. SENSATIONAL!
35. SUPERB! 75. That's the best ever.
36. You're getting better every day. 76. You haven't missed a thing.
37. WONDERFUL! 77. You've just about mastered that.
38. I knew you could do it. 78. One more time and you'll have
39. Keep working on it, you're it.
getting better. 79. You must have been practicing!
40. You're doing beautifully. 80. You should be very proud of
41. That's the way to do it! yourself.

How to praise and encourage kids?Tips to Teach a Child to SucceedUse Process-Based Praise. ...Use Specific Language When Praising . ...Don’t Shelter Children From Failure. ...Focus On Performance and Improvement. ...Teach the Value of Responsibility. ...Teach Decision-Making That Fosters Self-Discipline. ...Encourage Noncompetitive Games. ...Cultivate Optimism. ...