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The hate u give crossword - endow give to crossword clue

Name: ___________________________________Date: ______________The hate u give crossword123456789101112131415Across6. To go against a law, agreement, etc.9. To flow out quickly10. To tell someone information that should be kept secret.12. To say that you publicly support someone or something.13. To feel very sad, especially because someone had died14. Very thin in a way that isn't attractive15. The police station in an areaDown1. Things that people keep because it reminds them of something2. To indirectly suggest something unpleasant is true3. A piece of jewelry that you wear around your neck on a chain4. To shout loudly5. Sounding rough or unpleasant, especially because of a sore throat7. To turn your eyes away from something you don't want to see8. To smile widely at someone11. A group of people who work together to achieve something they all want